Damon Runyon

"The Baseball Iliad"

        Starting out as a cub sports reporter in Colorado, Damon Runyon found the dusty sandlots of western semi-pro baseball an inadequate field for his major-league writing talent. Moving to New York City in 1910, he landed a beat at Hearst's New York American, where he regaled readers with detailed, behind-the scenes tales of famous sportsmen such as Jack Dempsey and Babe Ruth. Runyon later moved on to short stories and Broadway plays, with his literary focus on the gamblers, swindlers, down-and-outers and larger-than-lifes populating New York's sidewalks, bars, and burrows. The classic "Runyonesque" was a slangy and wordly-wise city dweller, but real fascination in Runyon's writing can also be found in his newspaper sketching of talented and sympathetic men, simply trying to pitch, hit and catch a small white ball.  

Johnie M'Graw and Connie Mack 

Shake Hands in Old Gray Alamo
El Paso Herald/March 5, 1912

Winter League Will Bring Forth 
"Retirements" and "Hold Outs"

El Paso Herald/October 17, 1913

Runyon Names the Dodgers As Winners
Washington Herald/October 6, 1916

Ready for Series
Washington Herald/October 7, 1916

Dodgers Beaten Despite Rally

Washington Herald/October 8, 1916

Del Gainer Hero as Red Sox Win
Washington Herald/October 10, 1916

Olson's Clought Saves Dodgers
Washington Herald/October 11, 1916

Gardner Spikes Dodgers' Chance
Washington Herald/October 12, 1916​

Boston Sox Win '16 Championship
​Washington Herald/October 13, 1916

Much Ado About Nothing
New York American/January 1, 1917

Les Darcy's First
New York American/January 4, 1917

A Baseball Retirement
New York American/January 5, 1917

Our Busy Heavies
New York American/January 6, 1917

Improving Baseball
New York American/January 8, 1917

Good Old Mike
New York American/January 9, 1917

The Furious Fulton
New York American/January 11, 1917

Britton a Real Champ

New York American/January 12, 1917

The Gig-Lamp Brigade

New York American/January 13, 1917

McCoy and Darcy

New York American/January 16, 1917

The Fate of Johnny Dundee

New York American/January 17, 1917

Wolgast Very Sick
New York American/February 3, 1917

The Close of Sport
New York American/February 5, 1917

Saving the Game
New York American/February 6, 1917

Our American Champs
​New York American/February 8, 1917

The Squire of Flatbush
New York American/February 9, 1917

A Baseball Paradise
New York American/February 10, 1917

Fulton Strong Favorite
​New York American/February 12, 1917

New York American/February 13, 1917

Mr. T. Jones
New York American/February 15, 1917

Poker is Preserver of Peace
New York American/April 4, 1917

Hurler in Danger When Ruth Bats
New York American/September 9, 1920

Homer No. 51 A Terrific Lick
New York American/September 25, 1920

The Father of 'Krazy-Kat'
The Pittsburgh Press/November 26, 1920

"Great to Be Champion"
Says King of Sluggers

​Washington Times/June 13, 1921

Good Living Has Worked Change in Jack Dempsey

Washington Times/June 14, 1921

Dempsey's Early Career Mostly as Punching Bag

Washington Times/June 15, 1921



Westbrook Pegler

"The Original Troll."

        Love him or hate him, there's no denying that Westbrook Pegler owned some deep and well-developed skills as a newspaper columnist. Whether he's drubbing the sinister Roosevelts and their Socialistic New Deal, ridiculing the busybody anti-cigarette "alarmists" and their quasi-religious intolerance, or lambasting the Warren court, any and all labor unions, or the Communist-riddled State Department, Westbrook never fails to entertain readers of all political persuasions with his anger, his adjectives and his wonderfully strange, rock-ribbed paranoia. We highly recommend him as a window into deeply rooted, traditionally American Conservative thought processes that persist to the present day.

Ice-Pick Unionism

Spartanburg Herald/May 1, 1940

Meditations on the War

Spartanburg Herald/May 2, 1940

The Klan and Company Unions

Spartanburg Herald/May 3, 1940

The Tulip Problem

Spartanburg Herald/May 7, 1940

The AFL's Anti-Crime Sham

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 12, 1940

The Fine Union Craft of the Stink-Bomb

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 15, 1940

Union Dues Finance a Fine Lifestyle

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 18, 1940

The Rules of Civilized Warfare

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 19, 1940

War, Freedom, and Fascists

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 21, 1940

Wilson's Armed Isolation

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 22, 1940

Unprepared for War

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 23, 1940

Union Boss Coerces Roosevelt Vote

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/October 29, 1940

Nepotism and the New Deal

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/October 30, 1940

The Union Racket

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/October 31, 1940

[No Title]

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/November 1, 1940

Mr. Roosevelt's Aims

​Spartanburg Herald-Journal/November 2, 1940

The Brutal Spirit of Power

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/November 3, 1940

Stooges and Fellow Travelers

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/November 6, 1940

In Debt to Uncle Sam

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/November 8, 1940

Political Abuse of Unions

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/November 9, 1940

Journalism in Haiti

Rome News-Tribune/February 4, 1954

Present-Type Unionism Would Seem Doomed

Rome News-Tribune/March 1, 1954

Newspapers Are at Fault in Evaluating Warren

Rome News-Tribune/March 2, 1954

The Ethical Standards of McCarthy Opponents

Rome News-Tribune/March 3, 1954

Opening Move is Made in Smear-Pegler Movement

Rome News-Tribune/March 4, 1954

Stevens Will Learn the Army's a Mess

Rome News-Tribune/March 5, 1954

Rayburn Helped Sabotage Expose of Communists

Rome News-Tribune/February 12, 1954

The Details of Guilt Surround the Democrats

Rome News-Tribune/February 15, 1954

Earl Warren's Pension Should Be Investigated

Rome News-Tribune/February 16, 1954

Pre-Trial Examination is Form of "Smearing"

Rome News-Tribune/February 17, 1954

Adventures in Smoking in the Good Old Days

Rome News-Tribune/February 18, 1954

Which Captain Delano Was Hanged for Piracy?
Rome News-Tribune/April 9, 1954

Fair Enough

Reading Eagle/October 31, 1956

Secret Session Arouses Suspicion

Rome News-Tribune/April 10, 1957

Secret Session Roster Revealed

The Spokesman-Review/April 15, 1957

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Walter Winchell

"The Shakespeare of Gossip"

        The talented and tireless

on-Broadway gossip godfather Walter Winchell was the terror of American show business and political figures for decades. Holding court at his reserved table in New York's famed Stork Club, he accepted homage from the city's fabulous and powerful into the wee hours, then wrote up his observations for publication in the next day's New York Daily Mirror. Winchell drew readers in with his poetically breezy vocabulary and by swaying rapidly from one topic to the next through a rambling train of curiously compelling ellipses. For moderns, his skewering of the pompous and roasting of the untalented brings a fascinating, street-level view of the classical age of American entertainment. 

On Broadway

Rochester Eve. Journal/Nov. 10, 1930

On Broadway
Spartanburg Herald/March 18, 1940

Spartanburg Herald/March 19, 1940

Spartanburg Herald/March 20, 1940

Spartanburg Herald/March 21, 1940

Spartanburg Herald/March 22, 1940

Burlington Times-News/March 24, 1940

Spartanburg Herald/April 1, 1940

Spartanburg Herald/April 2, 1940

Spartanburg Herald/April 3, 1940

Spartanburg Herald/April 4, 1940

New York Heartbeat

Spartanburg Herald/April 5, 1940

Man About Town

Spartanburg Herald/May 1, 1940

Mr. Hollywood and His Girl

Spartanburg Herald/May 2, 1940

New York Heartbeat

Spartanburg Herald/May 3, 1940

The New York Scene

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 6, 1940

Man About Town

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 7, 1940

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 8, 1940

The Private Papers of a Cub Reporter
Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 9, 1940

These Charming People

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 12, 1940

Memos of a Girl Friday

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 13, 1940

The New York Scene

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 14, 1940

Man About Town

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 15, 1940

The Private Papers of a Cub Reporter

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 16, 1940

New York Heartbeat

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 17, 1940

Things I Never Knew About Glamour Girls

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 19, 1940

Memos of a Girl Friday

Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 20, 1940

The New York Scene
Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 21, 1940

Spartanburg Herald.October 3, 1940

All Quiet on the American Front
Spartanburg Herald/October 4, 1940

Londoners are Talking About...

Spartanburg Herald/November 1, 1940

Man About Town
Spartanburg Herald/April 9, 1942

Walter Winchell
Spartanburg Herald/April 16, 1942

Notes of a New York Newsboy

Spartanburg Herald/October 2, 1942

Memos of a Girl Friday
Spartanburg Herald/November 1, 1942

"Let's Not Be Beastly to the Japs"
St. Petersburg Times/February 3, 1944

The Private Papers of a Cub Reporter
New York Daily Mirror/March 24, 1944

Winthrop Rockefeller Interested in Dixie Beauty; Farley Granger, Shelley Winters Soon to Wed
​St. Petersburg Times/September 19, 1951