Adolf Hitler Becomes Germany's Chancellor

The Bend Bulletin/January 30, 1933

Storm Troops Left in Lurch by Dictator

The Pittsburgh Press/July 1, 1934

Hitler Claims to Defend World Against Communism

Ludington Daily News/September 7, 1937

Hitler Dreams of Union of Germans

Lawrence Journal-World/February 18, 1938

Chamberlain Brands Hitler as Unreasonable

The Southeast Missourian/September 27, 1938

German Mobs Wreck Shops, Burn Temples

The Pittsburgh Press/November 10, 1938

Hitler Wants to Rule Central Europe,

Hitler Tells US Envoy

Gettysburg Times/March 2, 1940

Hitler's Secret Weapon Is--Brains

The Pittsburgh Press/July 14, 1940

Hitler's Ersatz Religion

Virgin Islands Daily News/April 21, 1941

Reporting: Fascism

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Slaughter of 4,000 at Badajoz, 'City of Horrors,' Is Told by Tribune Man

Chicago Tribune/August 30, 1936

Rebels' Gains Laid to Foreigners' Aid

Montreal Gazette/October 30, 1936

Spain is Playing a Savage Game

Ernest Hemingway

Daily Oklahoman/April 25, 1937

Borah Warns America of Fascist Peril

St. Louis Star and Times/May 6, 1937

Rebel Leader Building New Totalitarian State

The Pittsburgh Press/August 7, 1938

British Failures in Spain

(Fredericksburg) Freelance-Star/April 22, 1939

Franco Enters Excited Madrid in Glory Today

Chicago Tribune/May 19, 1939

Goering Sought Aid for Franco

Tuscaloosa News/March 14, 1946

Mussolini's Dictatorship Finds Growing Opposition

Evening Independent (St. Petersburg, FL)/

November 15, 1924

Mussolini Jolts Italian Editors

(Spokane) Spokesman-Review/July 2, 1926

Escaped Exiles of Duce Allege Life of Horrors

Chicago Tribune/August 9, 1929

More Changes are Outlined by Mussolini

Sarasota Herald-Tribune/September 15, 1929

Pope May End Relations with Fascist Regime

Chicago Tribune/June 2, 1931

Fascist Reply Made to Pope

Bend Bulletin/July 15, 1931

Duce at Work to Cut Debts of World War

Sarasota Herald-Tribune/September 19, 1931

Powers Ponder Mussolini Defi

​The Pittsburgh Press/August 30, 1935

​Italy Begins War in Ethiopia

Bend (Oregon) Bulletin/October 3, 1935

Italians Fighting Ethiopians, But Their Real Hate is for Englishmen, Who are Huns of the First Water Now

The Pittsburgh Press/December 5, 1935

​Italy Sets up Puppet Rule in Albanian City

Tuscaloosa News/April 9, 1939

An Open Letter to Benito Mussolini

​Virgin Islands Daily News/June 13, 1940