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My First Fight in the Jungle
Ladies' Home Journal/January, 1898

The Origin of the Negro Race
The North American Review/May, 1900

How I Acted the Missionary and 
What Came of it
Youth's Companion/1900

The New Aspirants for African Fame and What They Must Be
Fortnightly Review/November 1, 1902

Livingstone’s Nile
Graphic Description of the
Great Explorer Sketched at Ujiji
New York Herald/August 15, 1872

Four Great African Travelers
Century Magazine/May, 1873

Mr. Henry M. Stanley’s Present Expedition
The Slave Traders
The Great Work of the Sultan at Zanzibar
New York Herald/December 2, 1874

The Harbor of Kiralo Island
Social Life Among the Savagea
Explorations on the Sea Shore
New York Herald/December 3, 1874

The Country of the
Hippopotamus and the Crocodile
The Undeveloped Ivory Trade
How Wealth May Be Won in Zanzibar,
The Home of the Slave Trade
New York Herald/December 4, 1874

Stanley in Africa
Manifold Preparations at Zanzibar
for the Great Journey
New York Herald/December 24, 1874

All About Zanzibar, Once the Seat of the Slave
Trade, Now a Center for Progress
The Palace of Prince Barghash-bin-Said
New York Herald/December 26, 1874

The Emin Pasha Relief Expedition
Scribner's/May, 1890

The Pigmies of the Africa Forest
Scribner's/January, 1891

Slavery and the Slave Trade in Africa
Harpers Monthly/March, 1893

The Legend of the Elephant and the Lion
McClure's Magazine/September, 1893

The Story of the Development of Africa
Century Magazine/February, 1896

Twenty-Five Years' Progress 
in Equatorial Africa
Atlantic Monthly/October, 1897

​For Life and Liberty: An Exciting Adventure on the Victoria Nyanza
Youth's Companion, 1898

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