The Road to Ujiji
Starting from Kwihara—
A Plunge Into the Wilderness

New York Herald/August 10, 1872

Livingstone’s Nile: 
Graphic Description of the
Great Explorer Sketched at Ujiji

New York Herald/August 15, 1872


Four Great African Travelers

​​Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton

Century Magazine/May, 1873

Captains Speke and Grant

Century Magazine/May, 1873

Sir Samuel and Lady Baker

Century Magazine/May, 1873


Sailing the Coast from Zanzibar

New York Herald/December 2, 1874

Friendly Encounter on the Rufiji River

New York Herald/December 3,  1874

The Country of the Hippopotamus

and the Crocodile

New York Herald/December 4, 1874

Manifold Preparations at Zanzibar
for the Great Journey

New York Herald/December 24, 1874

All About Zanzibar, Once the Seat of the Slave Trade, Now a Center for Progress
New York Herald/December 26, 1874


Stanley's March in Africa

New York Herald/March 1, 1875

Horrors of Hunger and Thirst

New York Herald/October 11, 1875

The Dead White Men

New York Herald/October 11, 1875

Among the Hippopotami

New York Herald/October 12, 1875

Exploration of the Victoria Nyanza

New York Herald/November 29, 1875

The American Christian

Tumbles Islamism to the Ground

New York Herald/November 29, 1875


"Go and Die in the Nyanza!"

New York Herald/August 9, 1876

​Continuation of the Great Explorer's

Mid-African Work

New York Herald/August 10, 1876

A Beautiful People

and Their Mountaintop Fortress

New York Herald/August 11, 1876

On the Kagera River

New York Herald/August 11, 1876


Peace Commission on the March

Missouri Democrat/October 19, 1867

The March from Larned to Medicine Creek​

Missouri Democrat/October 21, 1867

Indian "Talks"

Missouri Democrat/October 23, 1867

Scenes at the Arapaho Village

Missouri Democrat/October 25, 1867

The Grand Council
Missouri Democrat/October 25, 1867

Second Session of the Grand Council

Missouri Democrat/October 28, 1967

​Signing of the Treaty

Missouri Democrat/October 28, 1867

A Special Council

Missouri Democrat/October 28, 1867


Dr Livingstone:

The Expedition of the New York Herald in Quest of the Great African Traveler

New York Herald/December 22, 1871


The Slaughter of the Arabs

New York Herald/July 15, 1872

"Dr. Livingstone, I Presume?"

New York Herald/July 15, 1872

Exploring Lake Tanganyika

New York Herald/July 15, 1872

Return to Unyanyembe with Dr. Livingstone

New York Herald/July 15, 1872

A Victim of Thievery

New York Herald/July 15, 1872

Return to Zanzibar

New York Herald/July 15, 1872

The Land of the Moon
A Graphic Pen Picture of Unyamwezi

New York Herald/August 9, 1872

H e n r y  S t a n l e y  A r t i c l e s

Baker / Bierce / Bly / Crane / Davis / Hemingway / London / Mencken / Roosevelt / Steffens / Tarbell / Twain


Last Letter from the Heart of Africa

New York Herald/August 12, 1876

The Emin Pasha Relief Expedition
Scribner's/May, 1890

The Pigmies of the Africa Forest
Scribner's/January, 1891

Slavery and the Slave Trade in Africa
Harpers Monthly/March, 1893

The Legend of the Elephant and the Lion
McClure's Magazine/September, 1893

The Story of the Development of Africa
Century Magazine/February, 1896

Twenty-Five Years' Progress 
in Equatorial Africa
Atlantic Monthly/October, 1897

​For Life and Liberty: An Exciting Adventure on the Victoria Nyanza
Youth's Companion, 1898

My First Fight in the Jungle
Ladies' Home Journal/January, 1898

The Origin of the Negro Race
The North American Review/May, 1900

How I Acted the Missionary and 
What Came of it
Youth's Companion/1900

The New Aspirants for African Fame and What They Must Be
Fortnightly Review/November 1, 1902