Shadowed by a Detective

The New York World/April 28, 1889

A Female Usurer's Trick

The New York World/May 12, 1889

Nellie Bly at West Point

The New York World/June 9, 1889

Women and Crime

The New York World/June 28, 1889

Nellie Bly Buys  a Baby

The New York World/October 6, 1889

Mrs. Eva Hamilton's Story

The New York World/October 9, 1889

​Nellie Bly's 700 Doctors

The New York World/November 10, 1889


Nellie Bly as a Salvation Army Girl
The New York World/October 1, 1893

Nellie Bly and the Tiger

The New York World/October 8, 1893

Dr. Parkhurst to Nellie Bly

The New York World/December 10, 1893

Nellie Bly and the Band of Mercy

The New York World/December 31, 1893


Nellie Bly and the Ghost

The New York World/February 4, 1894

The Siren of the Coleman House
The New York World/February 18, 1894

A New Trick in "Bargains"

The New York World/March 18, 1894

Worked by the Hindoo Idol

The New York World/March 25, 1894

Nellie Bly and Young Astor

The New York World/May 13, 1894

Nellie Bly And Mr. Lexow
The New York World/July 1, 1894

Nellie Bly at the Races
The New York World/July 8, 1894

Cheers for Nellie Bly
The New York World/July 15, 1894

Are You an Anarchist?
The New York World/July 17, 1894

Byrnes and Nellie Bly
The New York World/August 1, 1894

In the Biggest New York Tenement
The New York World/August 5, 1894

How a Bowery Tramp Got Into Society
The New York Wold/November 25, 1894

Nellie Bly and Thomas C. Platt
The New York World/December 9, 1894




A Plucky Woman

Pittsburg Dispatch/May 31, 1885


Behind Asylum Bars

The New York World/October 9, 1887

Inside the Madhouse
The New York World/October 16, 1887

Trying to Be a Servant

The New York World/October 30, 1887

What Becomes of Babies

The New York World/November 6, 1887

The Girls Who Make Boxes
The New York World/November 27, 1887

Wanted--A Few Husbands

The New York World/December 4, 1887

Learning Ballet Dancing

​The New York World/December 18, 1887


In Quaint Old Economy

The New York World/January 8, 1888

In the Magdalen's Home

The New York World/February 12, 1888

Nellie Bly on the Stage

The New York World/March 4, 1888

Some Ladies Who Fence

The New York World/March 11, 1888

Nellie Bly as a Mesmerist

The New York World/March 25, 1888

The King of the Lobby

The New York World/April 1, 1888

Why Don't Women Reform?

The New York World/June 17, 1888

The Infamy of the Park

​The New York World/August 5, 1888

Nellie Bly on the Wing

The New York World/November 4, 1888

Exposed by Nellie Bly

The New York World/November 11, 1888

​Visiting the Dispensaries
The New York World/December 2, 1888


Working Girls Beware!

The New York World/February 3, 1889

Deaf, Dumb and Blind

​The New York World/February 17, 1889

Nellie Bly a Prisoner
The New York World/February 24, 1889

Another Wicked Swindle

The New York World/March 31, 1889


In Trinity's Tenements

The New York World/December 17, 1894


Nellie Bly in Jail

The New York World/January 20, 1895


Woman in the Pulpit

The New York World/January 27, 1896

Homeless, Hopeless!

The New York World/February 9, 1896

Nellie Bly as an Elephant Trainer

The New York World/February 23, 1896


Perils of the Cholera

New York Evening Journal/December 10, 1914

Nellie Bly at the Front

New York Evening Journal/December 11, 1914


Experiences of Nellie Bly

Journal Gazette (Mattoon, IL)/January 12, 1915

Nellie Bly in Toils as a Spy

Morning Journal (Lancaster, PA)/January 18, 1915

Poisoned by Bullet

Journal Gazette (Mattoon, IL)/January 25, 1915

Nellie Bly in War-Rent Przmesyl

Daytona Daily News/January 29, 1915

Nellie Bly in Hungarian Capital

Daytona Daily News/February 1, 1915

Nellie Bly Paints Horrors of War

in Eastern Field of Combat

North Platte Tribune/February 2, 1915

Paints Horrors of Wars Work

Wood County Report/February 4, 1915

Servian Woman Loses Everything in War

Richmond Palladium/February 9, 1915

Nellie Bly's Experiences in Hungary

Daytona Daily News/February 18, 1915

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Undercover: Reporting for the New York World  1887 - 1894
ISBN: 978-0-9907137-2-2 
List Price: $24.95/Online Price: $19.95

Nellie Bly’s insanity act got her committed to the notorious Blackwell’s Island asylum, a dangerous venture that resulted in the most shocking newspaper expose the jaded citizens of New York had ever read. But with “Ten Days in a Madhouse,” Bly was only getting started. With a series of clever disguises, the wiley and streetwise reporter was welcomed into underground gambling houses, illicit adoption agencies and creepy mesmerists’ parlors, all in the service of sensational headlines and the steadily rising circulation numbers boasted by her employer, The New York World. This fascinating collection of original, unabridged articles—reproduced in book form for the first time since their original publication--traces Bly’s brief yet astounding career as an undercover journalist.