Broadway Stars Take on Errors

Passaic Daily News/January 6, 1920

Fashion, Crime and Money

Lima Gazette and Republican/January 8, 1920

A Tale Worthy of O. Henry

Dayton Daily News/March 28, 1920

Home Run Karma

Evansville Journal/September 1, 1920

Writers and Money

Evansville Journal/September 2, 1920

Diving Girl Mystery

Buffalo Enquirer/September 3, 1920

Bad Cop Story

Indianapolis Star/September 4, 1920

Urchins and French Menus

Wilmington Morning News/September 13, 1920

Opium in the Elevators

Wilmington Morning News/September 14, 1920

Another Story From McGuirk's Suicide Hall

Wilmington Morning News/September 16, 1920

​15 to 30 Rooms on Park Avenue

Wilmington Morning News/September 17, 1920

A Show-Stopper at the Rialto

Wilmington Morning News/November 3, 1920

New, Whistling, Tuneful Tunes

Wilmington Morning News/November 26, 1920

Gummy Catsup Bottles at Dutch Paul's Place

Wilmington Morning News/November 27, 1920

Oscar Odd (O.O.) McIntyre

"The New York Stories"

       " Oscar Odd McIntyre of Gallipolis, Ohio is probably the most widely read columnist in the U.S. His "New York Day By Day," in which for 23 years he has maintained the attitude of an overgrown and somewhat elfin country boy viewing the Big City's glitter with vague mistrust, is gospel to countless millions of credulous readers in nearly every town big enough to have a daily newspaper."

Time magazine, July 8, 1935


Theater of the Annoying

Palladium-Item/January 2, 1928

Wall Street's Sad Plungers

Palladium-Item/January 3, 1928

The Sad Buffoons

Palladium-Item/January 4, 1928

New York Impressionistic

Palladium-Item/January 5, 1928

Park is the New Fifth

Palladium-Item/January 6, 1928

Awkward at Delmonico's

Palladium-Item/January 7, 1928

Dangerous Lobbies

Palladium-Item/January 9, 1928

Lovestruck on Broadway

Tampa Tribune/January 11, 1928

A Visit to Homicide

Tampa Tribune/January 12, 1928