The Palmer Raids

Plot Traced To Philadelphia; Anarchist Killed In Attack On Palmer Home Identified

New York Evening World/June 3, 1919

None of Mr. Palmer's Household Injured; 

Perpetrator of Crime Blown to Shreds

Evening Star (Washington, D.C.)/June 1, 1919

U.S. and D.C. Officials Confer on Hunt for Reds

Evening Star (Washington D.C.)/June 3, 1919

Woman Picks I.W.W. Chief in Bomb Plot

The Sun (New York)/June 4, 1919

​43 New York Radicals Are Sent To Ellis Island On Day Fixed For Rioting

New York Evening World/November 8, 1919

Palmer Declares Alien "Reds" Are To Be Deported

Ogden Standard/November 8, 1919

Woman Leads Local "Reds"

Washington Times/November 8, 1919

Emma Goldman and Berkman are Ordered Banished

New York Evening World/.December 8, 1919

Goldman and Berkman are Ordered Banished

The Evening World/December 8, 1919

Outrages Spurred Hunt for Anarchists in U.S.

New York Tribune/January 3, 1920

"Reds" Netted in Big Drive

Evening Times-Republican/January 3, 1920

Palmer Asks Congress to Enact

Necessary Laws to Curb Activities of Reds

Albuquerque Morning Journal/January 5 1920

Strikes Basis of Revolution in Red Plot

New York Tribune/January 5, 1920

The Roundup of "Reds" and the

Problem of Free Speech

New York Tribune/January 11, 1920

Alien "Reds" Will Be Rushed Abroad

New York Tribune/January 4, 1920

Palmer Accused of Having

"Cold Feet" on Sedition Bills

New York Tribune/January 24, 1920

Denounce Raids on Radicals in Chicago

Butte Daily Bulletin/March 24, 1920

Five Socialists Expelled from NY Assembly

Evening Public Ledger/April 1, 1920

Palmer Assertion of Radical Plots Viewed As Bluff

Evening Public Ledger/April 15, 1920

Prove "Red" Plot in Railway Strike

South Bend News-Times/April 15, 1920

May Day Death Plot is Uncovered

Tulsa Daily World/April 30, 1920

Palmer Allied with Gunmen

Butte Daily Bulletin/May 29, 1920

Prosecutor Hoyne Seeing Red

The Toiler (Cleveland, OH)/June 4, 1920

Attacks Federal Secret Service

The Producers News/November 24, 1922