Personal Portfolio

Tom Streissguth


Archive of American Journalism (Founder/Editor)

(Self-published historic journalism anthologies, 2015 - present)

Nellie Bly: Undercover: Reporting for the New York World
Lincoln Steffens: The System
Theodore Roosevelt: Wilderness, Volume 1

Richard  Harding Davis: The Great War Reporter

Reporting: Immigrants

Reporting: Pandemic 1918 - 1920

Abdo Publishing, Edina, MN

The Battle of Britain, 2015

​The Christmas Truce of 1914, 2016

World War I: Aftermath, 2016

​How Slaves Built America, 2017 (ghostwritten)

Rosalind Franklin, DNA Discoverer, 2017

​The Mayflower Story, 2017

Bellwether Media/Children’s Press, Minneapolis

Torque Books: Action Sports

Skateboard Vert, Skateboarding Street Style, Kickboxing

 Torque Books: Motorcycles

Scooters, Mini Bikes, Pocket Bikes, Trials Bikes, Off-Road Motorcycles

Carolrhoda Books, Minneapolis

Say it With Music: A Story about Irving Berlin, 1994
Rocket Man: The Story of Robert Goddard, 1995
Writer of the Plains: A Story about Willa Cather, 1996
Mary Cassatt: Portrait of an American Impressionist, 1998
John Brown, 1999
Daniel Boone, 2000
Jules Verne: Father of Science Fiction, 2000
U.S. Armed Forces: The U.S. Navy, 2004

Globetrotters (country books)







The Child’s World, Mankato, MN

The Vietnam War, 2015
The Korean War, 2015
The D.B. Cooper Hijacking, 2015

Enslow Publishers, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

Debating Supreme Court Decisions

Clay v. United States, 2005

District of Columbia v. Heller, 2009

Issues in Focus (current events series)

Nuclear Weapons, 2000

Gun Control, 2001

Capital Punishment, 2000

Immigration, 2008

China, 2008

Teen Fashion and Dress Codes, 2009

Historical American Biographies

Lewis and Clark, 1997

J. Edgar Hoover, 2001

P.T. Barnum, 2008
Holocaust Heroes and Nazi Criminals

Adolf Eichmann, 2005

Facts on File, New York

Eyewitness History

The Roaring Twenties, 2001 (revised edition, 2007)

 Library in a Book

Hate Crimes, 2003 (revised edition, 2009)

Welfare and Welfare Reform, 2009
Library of American Indian History

Wounded Knee and the End of the Plains Indian Wars, 1997

Greenhaven Press, San Diego

At Issue

Toxic and Nuclear Waste, 2000
History Firsthand (primary source anthologies)

The Civil War/The North, 2000

The Civil War/The South, 2000

Slavery, 2001

The Black Death, 2003
The History of Nations

Afghanistan, 2004

The Greenhaven Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages, 2003

The Greenhaven Encyclopedia of the Renaissance, 2008

Lerner Publications, Minneapolis

A&E Biographies

Jesse Owens, 1998

Legends of Dracula, 1998

John Glenn, 1999

Jack London, 2000

Cleopatra: Queen of Egypt, 1999

Edgar Allan Poe, 2000

Benjamin Franklin, 2001

Vladimir Putin, 2005

 Pope Benedict 2006

Visual Geography Series

Costa Rica, 2003; Colombia, 2003; Argentina, 2004; Brazil, 2004; Liberia, 2005; Panama, 2005; United States, 2006; Myanmar, 2007; Namibia, 2008; Bangladesh, 2008; Mozambique, 2008; Belize, 2008, Suriname, 2009, Albania, 2009 (reprint), Denmark, 2009 (reprint)

Lucent Books, San Diego

Building History

The Transcontinental Railroad, 1999

History's Great Defeats

The Napoleonic Wars, 2003

Lost Civilizations

Genghis Khan’s Mongol Empire, 2005

The Mystery Library

The Loch Ness Monster, 2002

The Devil, 2006

Understanding Great Literature

Understanding Beowulf, 2003

The Way People Live

Life Among the Vikings, 1999

Life in Ancient Egypt, 2000

Life in Communist Russia, 2001
Women in History

Women of the French Revolution, 2004


Marshall Cavendish/Benchmark Books, White Plains, NY

Open for Debate

Media Bias, 2006

Red Line Editorial, Burnsville, MN

Big Business

Inside the Tobacco Industry, 2016

Inside the Coal Industry, 2016

​Inside the Cotton Industry, 2017

The Election of 2016, 2017

Perspectives on Reconstruction, 2017

Rosen Publishers, New York

Holocaust Biographies

Raoul Wallenberg, 2001

The History

Series of twenty 1,000-word sketches on the Roman Empire

and the American Revolution, 2009

The Oliver Press, Minneapolis

Soviet Leaders from Lenin to Gorbachev, 1992
International Terrorists, 1993
Hustlers and Hoaxers, 1993
Charismatic Cult Leaders, 1994
Hatemongers and Demagogues, 1994
Legendary Labor Leaders, 1998
Innovators: Communications, 1998
Utopian Visionaries, 1998


The Schlager Group, Dallas

Encyclopedia of Society and Culture in the Ancient World (various entries, 2008)

Encyclopedia of Society and Culture in the Medieval World (various entries, 2008)

Contemporary Authors series (freelance editing, 2008 - 2010)