"The Shakespeare of Gossip"

         The talented and tireless on-Broadway gossip godfather Walter Winchell was the terror of American show business and political figures for decades. Holding court at his reserved table in New York's famed Stork Club, he accepted homage from the city's fabulous and powerful into the wee hours, then wrote up his observations for publication in the next day's New York Daily Mirror. Winchell drew readers in with his poetically breezy vocabulary and by swaying rapidly from one topic to the next through a rambling train of curiously compelling ellipses. For moderns, his skewering of the pompous and roasting of the untalented brings a fascinating, street-level view of the classical age of American entertainment. 

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Walter Winchell . . . Goes to War!

A Collection of Columns . . . from 1939 - 1945


"Let's Not Be Beastly to the Japs"
St. Petersburg Times/February 3, 1944

Spy Stuff
St. Petersburg Times/March 2, 1944

The Berlin-Madrid-Buenos Aires Axis
St. Petersburg Times/March 4, 1944

Broadway Ballad
St. Petersburg Times/March 6, 1944

The Private Papers of a Cub Reporter
New York Daily Mirror/March 21, 1944
New York Daily Mirror/March 24, 1944

Portrait of a Man (Waiting for a Subpoena)

The Sentinel/April 3, 1944

Notes of a Newspaperman

(Waiting for That Subpoena)

Twin City Sentinel/April 4, 1944

Memos About Song Writers

North Adams Transcript/December 20, 1944

Humanity vs. The German People

Birmingham News/December 21, 1944


A Reporter's Report to the Nation
St. Petersburg Times/July 3, 1945

Man About Town
St. Petersburg Times/July 5, 1945

Lint From a Blue Serge Suit
St. Petersburg Times/July 6, 1945

Broadway Rhythm
St. Petersburg Times/August 2, 1945

Things I Never Knew About the Coast Guard
St. Petersburg Times/August 4, 1945


Gunther: World Fed Up with Hitler

Evening World-Herald/September 4, 1939

Neville Chamberlain Proclaims

Evening World-Herald/September 6, 1939

Battling at The Stork Club

Evening World-Herald/September 7, 1939

Notes of a New Yorker

Wisconsin State Journal/September 14, 1939


On Broadway
Spartanburg Herald/March 22, 1940

Man About Town
Spartanburg Herald/May 1, 1940

Mr. Hollywood and His Girl
Spartanburg Herald/May 2, 1940

New York Heartbeat
Spartanburg Herald/May 3, 1940

The New York Scene
Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 21, 1940

Notes of an Innocent Bystander

Spartanburg Herald/November 2, 1942