Barthou, Like a Smith Brother, 
Crosses Hissing Tchitcherin

Toronto Daily Star/April 24, 1922

Strongest Premier in Parley is 
Stambouliski of Bulgaria

Toronto Daily Star/April 25, 1922

Schober of Austria, at Genoa, 
Looks Every Inch a Chancello
Toronto Daily Star/April 26, 1922

Russian Delegates at Genoa 
Appear Not to Be of This World

Toronto Daily Star/April 27, 1922

German Delegation at Genoa 
Keep Stinnes in Background

Toronto Daily Star/April 28, 1922

Getting a Hot Bath an Adventure in Genoa
Toronto Daily Star/May 2, 1922

Russian Delegation Well Guarded at Genoa
Toronto Daily Star/May 4, 1922

German Journalists a Strange Collection
Toronto Daily Star/May 8, 1922

All Genoa Goes Crazy 
Over New Betting Game

Toronto Daily Star/May 9, 1922

Lloyd George Gives Magic to the Parley
Toronto Daily Star/May 13, 1922

There are Great Fish in the Rhone Canal
Toronto Daily Star/June 10, 1922

Fascisti Party Now Half-Million Strong
Toronto Daily Star/June 24, 1922

"Pot-Shot Patriots" Unpopular in Italy
Toronto Star Weekly/June 24, 1922

A Veteran Visits Old front, 
Wishes He Had Stayed Away
Toronto Daily Star/July 22, 1922

Expecting Too Much in Old London Town
Toronto Star Weekly/August 5, 1922

Latest Drink Scandal Now Agitates Paris
Toronto Star Weekly/August 12, 1922

Did Poincare Laugh in Verdun Cemetery?

Toronto Daily Star/August 12, 1922

Rug Vendor is Fixture in Parisian Life
Toronto Daily Star/August 12, 1922

Old Order Changeth in Alsace-Lorraine
Toronto Daily Star/August 26, 1922

Takes to the Water, Solves Flat Problem

Toronto Daily Star/August 26, 1922

Germans are Doggedly 
Sullen or Desperate Over the Mark

Toronto Daily Star/September 1, 1922

Once Over Permit Obstacle, 
Fishing in Baden Perfect

Toronto Daily Star/September 2, 1922

German Innkeepers Rough Dealing with "Auslanders"
Toronto Daily Star/September 5, 1922

A Paris-to-Strasbourg Flight 
Shows Living Cubist Picture

Toronto Daily Star/September 9, 1922

Crossing to Germany is Way to Make Money
Toronto Daily Star/September 19, 1922

British Strong Enough to Save Constantinople
Toronto Daily Star/September 30, 1922

Hubby Dines First, Wifie Gets Crumbs!
Toronto Daily Star/September 30, 1922

Riots are Frequent Throughout Germany
Toronto Star Weekly/September 30, 1922

Turks Near Constantinople

Toronto Daily Star/October 9, 1922

Hamid Bey Wears Shirt 
Tucked in When Seen by Star

Toronto Daily Star/October 9, 1922

Balkans Look Like Ontario, 
A Picture of Peace, Not War

Toronto Daily Star/October 16, 1922

​Constantinople, Dirty and White, 
Not Glistening and Sinister​

Toronto Daily Star/October 18, 1922

Constantinople Cut-throats 
Await Chance for an Orgy
Toronto Daily Star/October 19, 1922

A Silent, Ghastly Procession 
Wends Way from Thrace
​Toronto Daily Star/October 20, 1922

Russia to Spoil the 
French Game with Kemalists
Toronto Daily Star/October 23, 1922

Turks Beginning to Show 
Distrust of Kemal Pasha
Toronto Daily Star/October 24, 1922

Censor Too "Thorough" 
in the Near East Crisis
Toronto Daily Star/October 25, 1922

"Old Constan" in True Light Is Tough Town
Toronto Daily Star/October 28, 1922

Kemal Has Afghans Ready to 
Make Trouble for Britain
Toronto Daily Star/October 31, 1922

Betrayal Preceded Defeat, 
Then Came Greek Revolt
Toronto Daily Star/November 3, 1922

Destroyers Were on Lookout 
for Kemal's One Submarine
Toronto Daily Star/November 10, 1922

Tancredo is Dead
Toronto Star Weekly/November 24, 1923

Newspapermen's Pockets

Toronto Star Weekly/November 6, 1920

The Wild West is Now in Chicago

Toronto Star Weekly/November 6, 1920

A Fight with a 20-Pound Trout

Toronto Star Weekly/November 20, 1920

Plain and Fancy Killings, $400 Up

Toronto Star Weekly/December 11, 1920

Why Not Trade Other Public Entertainers Among the Nations as the

Big Leagues Do Baseball Players?

Toronto Star Weekly/February 19, 1921

Fishing: Are You All Set for the Trout?

Toronto Star Weekly/April 10, 1921

Our Confidential Vacation Guide

Toronto Star Weekly/May 21, 1921

Gunmen's Wild Political War in Chicago

Toronto Star Weekly/May 28, 1921

Chicago Never Wetter Than It is Today

Toronto Star Weekly/July 2, 1921

Condensing the Classics

Toronto Star Weekly/August 20, 1921

Cheap Nitrates Will Mean Cheaper Bread

Toronto Star Weekly/November 12, 1921

On Weddynge Gyftes

Toronto Star Weekly/December 17, 1921

A Canadian with $1,000 a Year Can Live Very Comfortably and Enjoyably in Paris

Toronto Star Weekly/February 4, 1922

Tourists Scarce at Swiss Resorts

Toronto Daily Star/February 4, 1922

France Now in Hands of Old Professionals

​Toronto Daily Star/February 4, 1922

At Vigo, in Spain, Is Where You Catch the Silver and Blue Tuna, The King of All Fish

Toronto Star Weekly/February 18, 1922

Builder, Not Fighter, Is What France Wants

Toronto Daily Star/February 18, 1922

Exchange Pirates Hit by German Export Tax

​Toronto Star Weekly/February 25, 1922

Influx of Russians to All Parts of Paris

​Toronto Daily Star/February 25, 1922


Behind the Scenes at Papal Election
Toronto Star Weekly/March 4, 1922

Try Bobsledding If You Want Thrills
Toronto Daily Star/March 4, 1922

Queer Mixture of Aristocrats. Profiteers, Sheep and Wolves at the Hotels in Switzerland
Toronto Star Weekly/March 4, 1922

Wives Buy Clothes for French Husbands

Toronto Star Weekly/March 11, 1922

How'd You Like to

Tip the Postman Every Time?
Toronto Star Weekly/March 11, 1922

Poincaré Making Good on Election Promises

Toronto Star Weekly/March 11, 1922

Sparrow Hat Appears on Paris Boulevards

Toronto Star Weekly/March 18, 1922

Flivver, Canoe, Pram and Taxi Combined in the Luge, Joy of Everybody in Switzerland

Toronto Star Weekly/March 18, 1922

Prize-Winning Book is Centre of Storm
Toronto Star Weekly/March 25, 1922

American Bohemians in Paris a Weird Lot

Toronto Star Weekly/March 25, 1922

Wild Night Music of Paris 
Makes Visitor Feel a Man of the World

Toronto Star Weekly/March 25, 1922

The Mecca of Fakers in French Capital
Toronto Daily Star/March 25, 1922

​Much-Feared Man is Monsieur Deibler
Toronto Daily Star/April 1, 1922

95,000 Now Wearing the Legion of Honor

Toronto Daily Star/April 1, 1922

Anti-Alcohol League is Active in France

Toronto Daily Star/April 8, 1922

World Economic Conference Opens in Genoa: Tchitcherin Speaks

Toronto Daily Star/April 10, 1922

Tchitcherin at It Again, Wants Jap Excluded
Toronto Daily Star/April 11, 1922

Picked Sharpshooters Patrol Genoa Streets
Toronto Daily Star/April 13, 1922

French Politeness

Toronto Star Weekly/April 15, 1922

Regarded by Allies as German Cunning
Toronto Daily Star/April 18, 1922

Two Russian Girls the 
Best-Looking at Genoa Parley

Toronto Daily Star/April 24, 1922

​​​Kerensky, The Fighting Flea

Kansas City Star/December 16, 1917

Battle of Raid Squads

Kansas City Star/January 6, 1918

At the End of the Ambulance Run

Kansas City Star/January 20, 1918

Throng at Smallpox Case

Kansas City Star/February 18, 1918

Laundry Car Over Cliff

Kansas City Star/March 6, 1918

Six Men Become Tankers

Kansas City Star/April 17, 1918

Big Day for Navy Drive

Kansas City Star/April 17, 1918​

Navy Desk Jobs To Go

Kansas City Star/April 18, 1918​

Would "Treat 'Em Rough"

Kansas City Star/April 18, 1918

Recruits for the Tanks​

Kansas City Star/April 18, 1918

Dare Devil Joins Tanks​

Kansas City Star/April 21, 1918

Mix War, Art and Dancing

Kansas City Star/April 21, 1918

Fine Art: Circulating Pictures

Toronto Star Weekly/February 14, 1920

Taking a Chance for a Free Shave

Toronto Star Weekly/March 6, 1920

Sporting Mayor at Boxing Bouts​

Toronto Star Weekly/March 13, 1920

Popular in Peace--Slacker in War

Toronto Star Weekly/March 13, 1920

Store Thieves Use Three Tricks

Toronto Star Weekly/April 3, 1920

Trout Fishing

Toronto Star Weekly/April 10, 1920

Tooth Pulling Not a Cure-for-All

Toronto Star Weekly/April 10, 1920

Lieutenants' Mustaches the Only Permanent Thing We Got Out of War

​Toronto Star Weekly/April 10, 1920

Stores in the Wild Graveyards of Style

Toronto Star Weekly/April 24, 1920

Fishing for Trout in a Sporting Way

Toronto Star Weekly/April 24, 1920

Keeping Up with the Joneses:

The Tragedy of the Other Half

Toronto Star Weekly/May 1, 1920

Toronto Women Who Went to Prizefight Applauded the Rough Stuff

Toronto Star Weekly/May 15, 1920

Galloping Dominoes, Alias African Golf, Taken up by Toronto’s Smart Set

​Toronto Star Weekly/May 22, 1920

Prices for ‘Likenesses’ Run from Twenty-Five Cents to $500 in Toronto
Toronto Star Weekly/May 29, 1920

Canadian Fox-Ranching Pays 
Since the Wild-Cats Let the Foxes Alone

Toronto Star Weekly/May 29, 1920

​Canuck Whiskey Pouring Into U.S.
Toronto Star Weekly/June 5, 1920

It's Time to Bury the Hamilton Gag, Comedians Have Worked it to Death

Toronto Star Weekly/June 12, 1920

When You Camp Out, Do it Right
​Toronto Star Weekly/June 26, 1920

When You Go Camping Take Lots of 
Skeeter Dope and Don't Ever Lose It

Toronto Star Weekly/June 26, 1920

The Best Rainbow Trout Fishing in the World  Is At the Canadian Soo
Toronto Star Weekly/August 28, 1920

The Average Yank Divides Canadians into Two Classes--Wild and Tame

Toronto Star Weekly/October 9, 1920

Carpentier Sure to Give 
Dempsey Fight Worth While

Toronto Star Weekly/November 6, 1920

E r n e s t  H e m i n g w a y  ( 1 8 9 9 - 1 9 6 1 )