"There is only one remedy for these wholesale devastations of African aborigines, and that is the solemn combination of England, Germany, France, Portugal, South and East Africa, and Congo State against the introduction of gunpowder into any part of the Continent except for the use of their own agents, soldiers, and employees; or seizing upon every tusk of ivory brought out, as there is not a single piece nowadays which has been gained lawfully.

          "Every tusk, piece, and scrap in the possession of an Arab trader has been steeped and dyed in blood. Every pound weight has cost the life of a man, woman, or child; for every five pounds a hut has been burned; for every two tusks a whole village has been destroyed; every twenty tusks have been obtained at the price of a district, with all its people, villages, and plantations.

          "It is simply incredible that because ivory is required for ornaments or billiard games, the rich heart of Africa should be laid waste at this late year of the nineteenth century, signalized as it has been by so much advance; that populations, tribes, and nations should be utterly destroyed. Whom, after all, does this bloody seizure of ivory enrich? Only a few dozens of half-castes, Arab and Negro, who, if due justice were dealt to them, should be made to sweat out the remainder of their piratical lives in the severest penal servitude."

 The Emin Pasha Relief Expedition (II)
Scribner's/May, 1890

1876 cont'd

A Beautiful People
and Their Mountaintop Fortress

New York Herald/August 11, 1876

On the Kagera River
New York Herald/August 11, 1876

Last Letter from the Heart of Africa

New York Herald/August 12, 1876


The Emin Pasha Relief Expedition (I)
Scribner's/June, 1890

The Emin Pasha Relief Expedition (II)

Scribner's/June, 1890


The Pigmies of the Great African Forest
Scribner's/January, 1891


Slavery and the Slave Trade in Africa
Harpers Monthly/March, 1893

The Legend of the Elephant and the Lion
McClure's Magazine/September, 1893


The Story of the Development of Africa
Century Magazine/February, 1896


Twenty-Five Years' Progress 
in Equatorial Africa

Atlantic Monthly/October, 1897


​For Life and Liberty: An Exciting Adventure on the Victoria Nyanza
Youth's Companion, 1898

My First Fight in the Jungle
Ladies' Home Journal/January, 1898


The Origin of the Negro Race
The North American Review/May, 1900

How I Acted the Missionary and 
What Came of it
Youth's Companion/1900


The New Aspirants for African Fame and

What They Must Be
Fortnightly Review/November 1, 1902

1872 cont'd

The Road to Ujiji
Starting from Kwihara—
A Plunge Into the Wilderness

New York Herald/August 10, 1872

Livingstone’s Nile: 
Graphic Description of the
Great Explorer Sketched at Ujiji

New York Herald/August 15, 1872


Four Great African Travelers

​​Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton

Century Magazine/May, 1873

Captains Speke and Grant

Century Magazine/May, 1873

Sir Samuel and Lady Baker

Century Magazine/May, 1873


Sailing the Coast from Zanzibar

New York Herald/December 2, 1874

Friendly Encounter on the Rufiji River

New York Herald/December 3,  1874

The Country of the Hippopotamus

and the Crocodile

New York Herald/December 4, 1874

Manifold Preparations at Zanzibar
for the Great Journey

New York Herald/December 24, 1874

All About Zanzibar, Once the Seat of the Slave Trade, Now a Center for Progress
New York Herald/December 26, 1874


Stanley's March in Africa

New York Herald/March 1, 1875

Horrors of Hunger and Thirst

New York Herald/October 11, 1875

The Dead White Men

New York Herald/October 11, 1875

Among the Hippopotami

New York Herald/October 12, 1875

Exploration of the Victoria Nyanza

New York Herald/November 29, 1875

The American Christian

Tumbles Islamism to the Ground

New York Herald/November 29, 1875


"Go and Die in the Nyanza!"

New York Herald/August 9, 1876

​Continuation of the Great Explorer's

Mid-African Work

New York Herald/August 10, 1876


Peace Commission on the March

Missouri Democrat/October 19, 1867

The March from Larned to Medicine Creek​

Missouri Democrat/October 21, 1867

Indian "Talks"

Missouri Democrat/October 23, 1867

Scenes at the Arapaho Village

Missouri Democrat/October 25, 1867

The Grand Council
Missouri Democrat/October 25, 1867

Second Session of the Grand Council

Missouri Democrat/October 28, 1967

​Signing of the Treaty

Missouri Democrat/October 28, 1867

A Special Council

Missouri Democrat/October 28, 1867


Dr Livingstone:

The Expedition of the New York Herald in Quest of the Great African Traveler

New York Herald/December 22, 1871


The Slaughter of the Arabs

New York Herald/July 15, 1872

"Dr. Livingstone, I Presume?"

New York Herald/July 15, 1872

Exploring Lake Tanganyika

New York Herald/July 15, 1872

Return to Unyanyembe with Dr. Livingstone

New York Herald/July 15, 1872

A Victim of Thievery

New York Herald/July 15, 1872

Return to Zanzibar

New York Herald/July 15, 1872

The Land of the Moon
A Graphic Pen Picture of Unyamwezi

New York Herald/August 9, 1872

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​1841 - 1904