New Books: Historical Briefs
Bookman/April, 1897

A Great Photographer
McClure’s Magazine/May, 1897


Some Great Portraits of Lincoln
McClure’s Magazine/February, 1898

Reviews of New Books: Contemporary American Opinion of the French Revolution
Bookman/May, 1898

The Later Life of Lincoln:

Mr. Lincoln as President Elect
McClure’s Magazine/December, 1898

The Later Life of Lincoln:

II. Lincoln’s First Inauguration
McClure’s Magazine/January, 1899

Lincoln Gathering an Army
McClure’s Magazine/February, 1899

Lincoln’s Method of Dealing with Men
McClure’s Magazine/March, 1899

Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation
McClure’s Magazine/April, 1899

Lincoln’s Search for a Man
McClure’s Magazine/May, 1899

Lincoln and the Soldiers
McClure’s Magazine/June, 1899

Lincoln’s Great Victory in 1864
McClure’s Magazine/July, 1899

Minor Notices: The Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln, by J. Henry Lea and J.R. Hutchinson
American Historical Review/July, 1899

The Death of Abraham Lincoln
McClure’s Magazine/August, 1899

Lincoln’s Funeral
McClure’s Magazine/September, 1899

The Charm of Paris
Scribner’s/April, 1900

Disbanding the Union Army
McClure’s Magazine/March, 1901

Disbanding of the Confederate Army
McClure’s Magazine/April, 1901

The Story of the Declaration of Independence
McClure’s Magazine/July, 1901

​The Trial of Aaron Burr
McClure’s Magazine/March, 1902

Louis Pasteur
McClure’s Magazine/June, 1902


Pasteur at Home
McClure's Magazine/September, 1893

Madame Roland
Scribner's/November, 1893


The Observatory on Top of Mt. Blanc
McClure’s Magazine/February, 1894

Identification of Criminals:

The Scientific Method in Use in France
McClure’s Magazine/March, 1894

A Chemical Detective Bureau
McClure’s Magazine/July, 1894

Napoleon Bonaparte
McClure’s Magazine/November, 1894

Napoleon Bonaparte: Second Paper
McClure’s Magazine/December, 1894


Napoleon Bonaparte: Third Paper

McClure's Magazine/January, 1895

Napoleon Bonaparte: Fourth Paper

Napoleon the King-Maker
McClure’s Magazine/February, 1895

Napoleon Bonaparte: Fifth Paper
McClure’s Magazine/March, 1895

Napoleon Bonaparte: Sixth Paper

Last Campaigns; Waterloo; St. Helena
McClure’s Magazine/April, 1895

Napoleon’s Relations With the United States
McClure’s Magazine/June, 1895

Bishop Vincent and His Work
McClure’s Magazine/August, 1895

Abraham Lincoln - I.
Lincoln’s Boyhood in Kentucky and Indiana

McClure’s Magazine/November 1895

Abraham Lincoln - II.
McClure’s Magazine/December, 1895


Abraham Lincoln - III.
Lincoln as Storekeeper and Soldier

in the Black Hawk War
McClure’s Magazine/January, 1896

Abraham Lincoln - IV.
Lincoln’s Life at New Salem from 1832 to 1836

McClure’s Magazine/February, 1896

 Abraham Lincoln - V.
Lincoln’s Election to the Tenth Assembly

McClure’s Magazine/March, 1896

Abraham Lincoln
McClure’s Magazine/April, 1896

The Life of Abraham Lincoln: Lincoln in Congress
McClure’s/May, 1896

The Life of Abraham Lincoln: Conclusion of Lincoln’s Term in Congress
McClure’s Magazine/June, 1896

Lincoln as a Lawyer

McClure's Magazine/July, 1896

Lincoln’s Important Law Cases
McClure’s Magazine/August, 1896

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates
McClure’s Magazine/October, 1896

The Story of Lincoln’s Nomination in 1860
McClure’s Magazine/November, 1896

I d a  T a r b e l l  ( 1 8 5 7 - 1 9 4 4 )

The Birth of an Industry

McClure's Magazine/November, 1902

The Rise of the Standard Oil Company
McClure's Magazine/December, 1902

The Oil War of 1872
McClure's Magazine/January, 1903

An Unholy Alliance

McClure's Magazine/February, 1903

The Price of Trust-Building

McClure's Magazine/March, 1903

The Defeat of the Pennsylvania

McClure's Magazine/April, 1903

The Crisis of 1878

McClure's Magazine/May, 1903

The Great Consummation

McClure's Magazine/June, 1903

The Real Greatness of the Standard
McClure's Magazine/July, 1903

The War on the Rebate

McClure's Magazine/December, 1903

The Fight for the Seaboard Pipelines
McClure's Magazine/January, 1904

Cutting to Kill
McClure's Magazine/February, 1904

The Troubles of a Trust
McClure's Magazine/March, 1904

The Breaking Up of the Trust
McClure's Magazine/April, 1904

A Modern War for Independence
McClure's Magazine/June, 1904

The Price of Oil
McClure's Magazine/September, 1904

McClure's Magazine/October, 1904

​John D. Rickefeller: A Character Study, Part I
McClure’s Magazine/July, 1905

John D. Rockefeller: A Character Study, Part II
McClure’s Magazine/August, 1905

Kansas and the Standard Oil Company:

Part I. What the Standard Oil Company Did to Kansas
McClure’s Magazine/September, 1905

Kansas and the Standard Oil Company:

Part II. What Kansas Did to the Standard Oil  Company
McClure’s Magazine/October, 1905

Commercial Machiavellianism

McClure's/March, 1906

What the Day’s Work Means to Me
Bookman/March, 1916

A Little Look at the People
Atlantic Monthly/May, 1917

Mobilizing the Women
Harper’s Monthly/November, 1917

“Save the Rich!”
The New Republic/December 21, 1921

Lincoln’s “Pass-Key to Hearts”
The New Republic/February 8, 1922