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A Servant of God and the People
McClure’s Magazine/January, 1906

Everett Colby, “The Gentleman From Essex”
McClure’s Magazine/February, 1906

Ben Lindsey, The Just Judge
I. "The Kid's Court"

McClure’s Magazine/October, 1906

Ben Lindsey, The "Just" Judge
II. What Makes "Bad" Children Bad
McClure's Magazine/November, 1906

Ben Lindsey, The "Just" Judge
III. Battles With "Bad" Men

McClure's Magazine/December, 1906

Rudolph Spreckels: A Business Reformer
American Magazine/February, 1908

W. S. U’Ren, The Lawgiver
American Magazine/March, 1908

Midnight in Russia
McClure’s Magazine/May, 1918

Report of Lincoln Steffens
The Nation/October 4, 1919

John Reed: Under the Kremlin
Freeman/November 3, 1920

Jacob A. Riis - Reporter, 
Reformer, American Citizen 

McClure’s Magazine/August, 1903

Chicago: Half Free and Fighting On
McClure’s Magazine/October, 1903

The New School of Journalism
The Bookman/October, 1903

New York: Good Government to the Test
McClure’s Magazine/November 1903

The Political Leaders Who are 
Selling Out the State of Missouri
McClure’s Magazine/April, 1904

Illinois: A Triumph of Public Opinion 
McClure’s Magazine/August, 1904

Representative Government Restored
McClure’s Magazine/October, 1904

Rhode Island: A State for Sale
McClure’s Magazine/February, 1905

New Jersey: A Traitor State
Part I—The Conquest

McClure’s Magazine/April, 1905

New Jersey: A Traitor State
Part II—How She Sold Out the United States

McClure’s Magazine/May, 1905

Ohio: A Tale of Two Cities
McClure’s Magazine/July, 1905

The Modern Business Building
Scribner’s Magazine/July, 1897

Life in the Klondike Gold Fields

McClure’s Magazine/September, 1897

The Conduct of Great Business -

The Business of a Newspaper
Scribner’s Magazine/October, 1897

Theodore Roosevelt, Governor

McClure’s Magazine/May, 1899

Governor Roosevelt—As An Experiment

McClure’s Magazine/June, 1900

The Overworked President

McClure’s Magazine/April, 1902

A Labor Leader of Today - 
John Mitchell and What He Stands For

McClure’s Magazine/August, 1902

Tweed Days in St. Louis

McClure’s Magazine/October, 1902

The American Man on Horseback

McClure’s Magazine/December, 1902

The Shame of Minneapolis

McClure’s Magazine/January, 1903

Pittsburgh: A City Ashamed

McClure’s Magazine/May, 1903

Philadelphia Corrupt and Corrupted

McClure’s Magazine/July, 1903

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