Richard Harding Davis

on Wartime Lifeboat Drills

        "Apparently those in each boat were selected by lot . . .The only other persons originally in my boat were Red Cross nurses of the Post unit and infants. In trampling upon them to safety I foresaw no difficulty.
        "But at the dress rehearsal the purser added six dark and dangerous-looking Spaniards. It developed later that by profession they were bull-fighters. Any man who is not afraid of a bull is entitled to respect. But being cast adrift with six did not appeal.
        "One could not help wondering what would happen if we ran out of provisions and the bull-fighters grew hungry. I tore up my ticket and planned to swim."

--"President Poincare Thanks America,"

The New York Times, November 6, 1916


Along the East Coast of Africa
Scribner's/March, 1901


The Gentle Art of Bull-Fighting
Scribner's/December, 1902


Marking Time in Tokyo:
The Forty-Eighth Ronin

Collier's/May 21, 1904


A War Correspondent's Kit
Scribner's/April, 1905

The Passing of San Juan Hill
Scribner's/August. 1905


Who Owns the Isle of Pines?
Collier's/June 2, 1906

Winston Spencer Churchill
Collier's/July 28, 1906

Captain Philo Norton McGiffin
Collier's/September 8, 1906

Baron James Harden-Hickey
Collier's/October, 1906

General William Walker:
The King of the Filibusters
Collier's/October 10, 1906

The Army of Pacification
​Collier's/November 3, 1906

Major Burnham. Chief of Scouts
Collier's/November 24, 1906


The Coasters
Collier's/May 18, 1907

My Brother's Keeper
Collier's/June 15, 1907

The Capital of the Congo
Collier's July 13, 1907

Americans in the Congo
Collier's/July 20, 1907

Hunting the Hippo
Collier's/August 17, 1907

Old Calabar
Collier's/September 7, 1907


The Invasion of England
Scribner's/December, 1911


The Passing of the Maine
New York Tribune/April 7, 1912

The Two Conventions at Chicago
Scribner's/September, 1912


Breaking Into the Movies

Scribner's/March, 1914

5 Regiments Start From Galveston Today
New York Tribune/April 24, 1914​

Galveston Cheers as 5th Army Brigade
Sails for Vera Cruz
New York Tribune/April 25, 1914

​Soldiers Relieve Navy
On Shore in Vera Cruz Today
New York Tribune/April 30, 1914

Vera Cruz Marvels at Khaki-Clad Men
New York Tribune/May 1, 1914

Davis Finds Huerta Men True to Type
New York Tribune/May 3, 1914

Cruiser Sails with Vera Cruz Dead
New York Tribune/May 4, 1914

Funston Plans to Avoid Famine
The New York Tribune/May 5, 1914

Mexicans Kill and Burn U.S. Soldier
New York Tribune/May 11, 1914

R.H. Davis Tells Story of 
Arrest by Huerta's Police
New York Tribune/May 11, 1914

Baseball and Bullfights in Vera Cruz
New York Tribune/May 18, 1914

​Half Funston Men Dead, Mexicans Say

New York Tribune/May 19, 1914

Huerta Doomed; Ex-Minister Flees

New York Tribune/May 19, 1914

Vera Cruz Bares Secrets to Airmen

New York Tribune/May 25, 1914

​Mexicans Fire Volley on US Naval Aircraft  

Soaring at Vera Cruz

New York Tribune/May 25, 1914

Anarchy Sure as U.S. Leaves Mexico

New York Tribune/May 30, 1914

Bold Tejar Marines Scorn to be Rescued

New York Tribune/May 31, 1914

Army Has Made New Vera Cruz

Boston Globe/June 9, 1914

Army at Vera Cruz

Marks Time Under the Portales​

New York Tribune/June 14, 1914

R i c h a r d  H a r d i n g  D a v i s  ( 1 8 6 4 - 1 9 1 6 )



Scribner's/May, 1891


From San Antonio to Corpus Christi

Harper's Weekly/March 5, 1892

Our Troops on the Border

Harper's Weekly/March 26, 1892

At a New Mining Camp

Harper's Weekly/April 9, 1892

A Three-Year-Old City

Harper's Weekly/April 23, 1892

Ranch Life in Texas

Harper's Weekly/April 30, 1892

On an Indian Reservation

Harper's Weekly/May 14, 1892

A Civilian at an Army Post

Harper's Weekly/May 28, 1892

The Heart of the Great Divide

Harper's Weekly/June 11, 1892


An American in Africa

Harper's Monthly/March, 1893

The Rock of Gibraltar

Harper's Weekly/May 20, 1893


Harper's Weekly/June 3, 1893

From Gibraltar to Cairo

Harper's Weekly/June 24, 1893

Three English Race Meetings

Harper's Monthly/July, 1893

Cairo as a Show Place

Harper's Weekly/July 8, 1893

The Englishmen in Egypt

Harper's Weekly/July 22, 1893

Modern Athens

Harper's Weekly/August 5, 1893


Harper's Weekly/August 19, 1893

A General Election in England

Harper's Monthly/September, 1893

Undergraduate Life at Oxford

Harper's Monthly/October, 1893

London in the Season

Harper's Monthly/November, 1893


The West and East Ends of London

Harper's Monthly/January, 1894

Our Suburban Friends

​Harper's Monthly/July, 1894

The Streets of Paris

Harper's Monthly/October, 1894

The Show-Places of Paris

Harper's Monthly/December, 1894


Paris in Mourning

Harper's Monthly/April, 1895

Americans in Paris

Harper's Monthly/July, 1895

Three Gringos in Central America
Part I
Harper's Monthly/September, 1895

Three Gringos in Central America

Part II

Harper's Monthly/October, 1895

Out of the World at Corinto

Harper's Monthly/November, 1895

The Paris of South America

Harper's Monthly/December,1895


The Splendor of Moscow

Kansas City Star/May 26, 1896

Jameson's Fatal Error

The Sun/September 6, 1896

Appeal for Armenians

Burlington Free Press/November 23, 1896


The Death of Rodriguez

New York Journal/February 2, 1897

The Banderium of Hungary

Scribner's/March, 1897

With the Greek Soldiers

Harper's Monthly/November, 1897


Davis Replies to Bigelow

New York Herald/June 6, 1898

Shafter and Sampson Go Ashore to

Confer With General Garcia

New York Herald/June 22, 1898

How Hamilton Fish and Allyn Capron Died, Fighting Bravely​

New York Herald/June 26, 1898

Rough Riders Gave Spaniards

A Sample of American Pluck

New York Herald/June 28, 1898

The Landing of the Army

​Scribner's/August, 1898

The Rocking Chair Period of the War

Scribner's/August, 1898

Miles Fooled Spaniards

New York Herald/August 2, 1898

Ponce Back in Business

New York Herald/August 2, 1898

The Rough Riders at Guasimas

Scribner's/September, 1898

The Battle of San Juan

Scribner's/October, 1898


Our War Correspondents in

Cuba and Puerto Rico

Harper's Monthly/May, 1899


The Relief of Ladysmith

Scribner's/January, 1900

Awful All-Night Fight at Pieters

​New York Herald/February 28, 1900

With Buller's Column

​Berliner's Magazine/June, 1900

The Relief of Ladysmith

Scribner's/July, 1900

The Boer in the Field

New York Herald/July 29, 1900

Pretoria in War Time

Scribner's/August, 1900

R.H. Davis on Boer War

New York Tribune/August 5, 1900

The Last Days of Pretoria

Scribner's/October, 1900


1914 cont'd

When a War is Not a War
Scribner's/July, 1914

Navy Suffers in Loss of Gibbons
New York Tribune/July 12, 1914

The Lusitania. Taking Sporting Chance, Wins
New York Tribune/August 13, 1914

London Though Eager for News,
Gladly Yields to the Censor
New York Tribune/August 15, 1914

Davis Sure Germans Were Withdrawing
New York Tribune/August 20. 1914

Like a River of Steel it Flowed,
Gray and Ghostlike
New York Tribune/August 23, 1914

Germans Got Cold Cheer in Brussels
New York Tribune/August 25, 1914

Horrors of Louvain Told by Eyewitness;
Circled Burning City
New York Tribune/August 31, 1914

Germans Censor Notes of Envoys
New York Tribune/September 1, 1914

Tells Experience as War Prisoner
New York Tribune/September 2, 1914

Says Kaiser, Breaking Word, Tricked Czar
New York Tribune/September 4, 1914

Eight American Writers Arrested
New York Tribune/September 4, 1914

Paris Standing Strain of War Complacently
New York Tribune/September 15, 1914

Public Opinion Ends Aero Visits
New York Tribune/September 15, 1914

War Blights Neighborhood of Soissons
New York Tribune/September 17, 1914

Vivid Description of the 
Shelling of Rheims Cathedral

New York Tribune/September 22, 1914

Rheims Cathedral Not Used by Army
New York Tribune/September 26, 1914

Rheims a Wreck Around Cathedral
New York Tribune/September 29, 1914

French Capital Sees Its Oldtime Activity
New York Tribune/October 3, 1914

The Germans in Brussels​
Scribner's/November, 1914

The Appalling Waste of the European War
New York Tribune/November 1, 1914

"Under Fire"--By Richard Harding Davis
New York Tribune/November 8, 1914

Uncle Sam's Diplomats in War Zone 
Do Him Honor

New York Tribune/November 15, 1914

War Correspondents' Fight for

Place in the Sun
New York Tribune/November 22, 1914

"To Be Treated as a Spy"

Scribners/December, 1914


Rheims During the Bombardment
Scribner's/January, 1915

Wengler's "Two Shots"
New York Times/January 8, 1915

"They Can't Do That!"
New York Tribune/February 22, 1915

An Insult to War
New York Times/July 11, 1915

Richard Harding Davis Describes

Crime for Which Becker Must Die

St. Louis Globe-Democrat/July 25, 1915

Poincare Thanks America for Help
New York Times/November 6, 1915

'War as Usual' Motto of France
New York Times/November 16, 1915

Allies in Serbia Fighting in the Clouds
​New York Times/December 9, 1915

Allies in Saloniki Preparing to Stay
New York Times/December 11, 1915

Arras, The Unburied City
New York Times/December 12, 1915

Americans Escape Safely From Gievgeli
New York Times/December 13, 1915

Allied Casualties in Retreat Given as 1,700
New York Times/December 15, 1915

Richard Harding Davis Dares Death

in the First Line Trenches

San Francisco Examiner/December 26, 1915

Luring Teutons on to Saloniki
New York Times/December 31, 1915


Saloniki is Full of Enemy Spies

 San Francisco Examiner/January 2, 1916

Allies' Grip on Food Keeps Greece Still
​New York Times/January 12, 1916

War? Nobody Knows What It Really Is Until He Attempts to Travel Abroad

San Francisco Examiner/January 16, 1916

French Made Merry in Serbian Retreat
​New York Times/January 19, 1916

A Deserted Command
New York Times/January 23, 1916

A Peep at the Famous St. Mihiel Salient
New York Times/February 6, 1916

The War That Lurks in the

Forest of the Vosges

 New York Times/February 13, 1916

Blinded in Battle, But Not Made Useless
New York Times/February 27, 1916

Verdun's Traps and Mazes
New York Times/March 5, 1916

With the Allies in Salonika

Scribners/April, 1916

President Poincaré Thanks America
New York Times/November 6, 1916