1912 (cont'd)

The Junior Republic

The Outlook/January 20, 1912

The Church and the People

The Outlook/January 27, 1912

Women's Rights, And the Duties

of Both Men and Women

The Outlook/February 3, 1912

A Phase of Industrial Justice

The Outlook/February 17, 1912

The Court of the Children

The Outlook/March 2, 1912

Do You Believe in the Rule of the People?

The Outlook/March 9, 1912

The Conservation of Business--

Shall We Strangle or Control It?

The Outlook/March 16, 1912

A Short Political Creed

The Outlook/March 30, 1912

Politics and the Post Office

The Outlook/April 6, 1912

The Welfare of the Farmer

The Outlook/April 20, 1912

The Rank and File

The Outlook/June 1, 1912

A Naked Issue of Right and Wrong

The Outlook/June 15, 1912

The Progressive Party's Appeal

The Independent/October 24, 1912


An Achievement for Humanity

The Outlook/January 18, 1913

A Layman's View of an Art Exhibition
The Outlook/March 29, 1913

The Ohio Floods: 
Can Such Calamities be Prevented?
The Outlook/April 5, 1913

Chapters of a Possible Autobiography: Practical Politics
The Outlook/April 26, 1913

The High School and the College
The Outlook/May 16, 1913

A Cougar Hunt on the

Rim of the Grand Canyon

The Outlook/October 4, 1913

Across the Navajo Desert

The Outlook/October 11, 1913

The Hopi Snake Dance

The Outlook/October 18, 1913


A Hunter-Naturalist

in the Brazilian Wilderness:

Up the Paraguay

Scribner's/April, 1914

A Hunter-Naturalist 
in the Brazilian Wilderness:
A Jaguar Hunt on the Taquary

Scribner's/May, 1914

The Headwaters of the Paraguay​

​Scribner's/June, 1914

Up the River of Tapirs

Scribner's/July, 1914


The Bird Refuges of Louisiana

​Scribners/March, 1916

Davis and the Rough Riders

​Scribners/July, 1916


A Naturalist's Tropical Laboratory

Scribners/January, 1917

Where the Steady Trade Winds Blow

Scribners/February, 1917

The Dawn and Sunrise of History

​The Outlook/February 14, 1917

Frederick Courteney Selous

​The Outlook/March 7, 1917

The Ghost Dance of the Shadow Huns

​Chicago Tribune/October 1, 1917

T.R. Assails "Our Slowness in War"

St. Louis Post-Dispatch/October 2, 1917

The Bondholders and the People

Kansas City Star/October 7, 1917

Factories of Good Citizenship

Kansas City Star/October 10, 1917


Captain Hugh Knyvett: An Australian Galahad

The Outlook/May 29, 1918

The Wild Ostrich

The Atlantic/June, 1918

Bolshevism and Applied Anti-Bolshevism

The Outlook/September 18, 1918

The Development of the United States

The Outlook/October 2, 1918

The Wild Animals of North America

​The Outlook/November 6, 1918


Doers of the Word

North American Review/March, 1928


​The Rough Riders: Raising the Regiment
Scribner's/January, 1899

​​The Rough Riders: To Cuba

Scribner's/February, 1899

The Rough Riders:

General Young's Fight at Las Guasimas

Scribner's/March, 1899

The Rough Riders: The Cavalry at Santiago

Scribner's/April, 1899

The Rough Riders: In the Trenches

Scribner's/May, 1899

The Rough Riders: The Return Home

Scribner's/June, 1899

Admiral Dewey

McClure's/October, 1899

Military Preparedness and Unpreparedness

Century Magazine/November, 1899

Army Reforms: A Letter from Governor Roosevelt

The Outlook/December 16, 1899

Expansion and Peace

The Independent/December 21, 1899


Fellow Feeling as a Political Factor

Century Magazine/January, 1900

Character and Success

The Outlook/March 31, 1900

What We Can Expect of the American Boy

St. Nicholas/May, 1900

The Eighth and Ninth Commandments

in Politics

The Outlook/May 12, 1900

​Latitude and Longitude Among Reformers

​Century Magazine/June, 1900

Promise and Performance

The Outlook/July 28, 1900

Civic Helpfulness

Century Magazine/October, 1900

Political Assessments in the Coming Campaign

Atlantic Monthly/July, 1892


Governor William H. Taft

The Outlook/September 21, 1901

With the Cougar Hounds, I.
Scribners/October, 1901

With the Cougar Hounds, II.

Scribners/November, 1901


Wilderness Reserves

Field and Stream/August 27, 1904

Field and Stream/September 3, 1904


The Ancient Irish Sagas

Century Magazine/January, 1907


In the Louisiana Canebrakes

Scribners/January, 1908


Where We Cannot Work With Socialists

Outlook/March 20, 1909

Where We Can Work With Socialists

Outlook/March 27, 1909

The Thraldom of Names

The Outlook/June 19, 1909

African Game Trails:

I. A Railroad Through the Pleistocene

Scribners/October, 1909

African Game Trails:

II. On an East African Ranch -

Lion Hunting on the Kapiti Plains

Scribners/November, 1909

African Game Trails:

III. On Safari. Rhinos and Giraffes

​Scribners/December, 1909


African Game Trails:

VII. Hunting in the Sotik

Scribners/April, 1910


The Administration of the Canal

The Outlook/July 8, 1911

The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century

The Outlook/July 29, 1911

Dante and the Bowery

The Outlook/August 26, 1911

The Search for Truth in a Reverent Spirit

The Outlook/December 2, 1911


​​​​Productive Scholarship
The Outlook/January 13, 1912



Harvard Advocate/October 17, 1879


Phases of State Legislation

Century Magazine/April, 1885


Ranch Life and Game Shooting in the West

I. The Ranch

Outing/March, 1886

Ranch Life and Game Shooting in the West

II. Antelope Shooting on the Cattle Trail

Outing/April, 1886

Ranch Life and Game Shooting in the West

III. Shooting Near the Ranch House--

The White-Tailed Deer

Outing/May, 1886

Ranch Life and Game Shooting in the West

IV. The Deer of the Upland

and the Broken Ground

Outing/June, 1886

Cross-Country Riding in America

Century Magazine/July, 1886

Ranch Life and Game Shooting in the West

V. The Last of the Elk

Outing/July, 1886

Ranch Life and Game Shooting in the West

​VI. Water Fowl and Prairie Fowl

Outing/August, 1886

Machine Politics in New York City​

Century Magazine/November, 1886


Big Game in Dakota

Forest and Stream/December 15, 1887


Remarks on Balloting and Copyright in "Notes"

North American Review/February, 1888

Ranch Life in the Far West

In the Cattle Country

Century Magazine/February, 1888

The Home Ranch

Century Magazine/March, 1888​

The Round-Up

Century Magazine/April, 1888

Sheriff's Work on a Ranch

Century Magazine/May, 1888​

Some Recent Criticism of America

Eclectic Magazine/November, 1888



​Forest and Stream/April 11, 1889

Buffalo Hunting

St. Nicholas/December, 1889


The Merit System Versus the Patronage System

Century/February, 1890

"Professionalism" in Sports

North American Review/August, 1890


An Object Lesson in Civil Service Reform

Atlantic Monthly/February, 1891

"Following the Guidon"

Harper's Bazaar/August 16, 1890


An Elk Hunt at Two-Ocean Pass

Century Magazine/September, 1892


A Shot at a Bull Elk

Liber Scriptorum/January, 1893

Big Game Disappearing in the West

Forum/August, 1893


The College Graduate and Public Life

Atlantic Monthly/August, 1894


Hunting in the Cattle Country
Travel/January, 1895​

A Plan to Save the Forests

Century Magazine/February, 1895

True American Ideals

The Forum/February, 1895

The Higher Life of American Cities

The Outlook/December 21, 1895


Mad Anthony Wayne's Victory

Harper's Monthly/April, 1896

St. Clair's Defeat

Harper's/May, 1896

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