The Scab
Atlantic Monthly/January, 1904

How Jack London Got

In and Out of Jail in Japan
San Francisco Examiner/February 3, 1904

Koreans are Fleeing

Before the Slav Advance
San Francisco Examiner/March 3, 1904

Japan’s Invasion of Korea,

As Seen by Jack London
San Francisco Examiner/March 4, 1904

Travel in Korea

San Francisco Examiner/N.D.

Japanese Army’s Equipment 
Excites Great Admiration

San Francisco Examiner/April 3, 1904

Troubles of War Correspondent in Starting for the Front
San Francisco Examiner/April 4, 1904

Royal Road a Sea of Mud

San Francisco Examiner/April 7, 1904

Koreans Have Taken to the Hills
San Francisco Examiner/April 17, 1904

Footsore, Dazed and Frozen, The Japanese Trudge Through Korea

San Francisco Examiner/April 18, 1904

Cossacks Fight Then Retreat
San Francisco Examiner/April 19, 1904

Sufferings of the Japanese

San Francisco Examiner/April 20, 1904

Examiner Writer Sent Back to Seoul
San Francisco Examiner/April 25, 1904

Interpreters and How They Cause Trouble

San Francisco Examiner/April 26, 1904

Jack London’s Graphic Story of the Japs Driving Russians Across the Yalu River

San Francisco Examiner/June 4, 1904

Few Killed Nowadays in “Fierce” Battles

San Francisco Examiner/June 5, 1904

Japanese Swim Cold River Under Fire

San Francisco Examiner/June 9, 1904

Russians Fight Japanese on the Yalu

San Francisco Examiner/June 11, 1904

Japanese Supplies Rushed to Front

by Man and Beast
San Francisco Examiner/June 19, 1904

The Yellow Peril
San Francisco Examiner/June 25, 1904

Japanese Officers Consider

Everything a Military Secret
San Francisco Examiner/June 26, 1904

Japan Puts End to

Usefulness of Correspondents

San Francisco Examiner/July 1, 1904

Big Socialist Vote is Fraught with Meaning

San Francisco Examiner/November 10, 1904



Toledo Socialist/March 18, 1905

The Surplus Labor Army - Tramps

Eureka Labor News/May 6, 1905

Brain Beaten by Brute Force
San Francisco Examiner/September 10, 1905


Things Alive
Yale Monthly/March, 1906

What Life Means to Me

Cosmopolitan/March, 1906

Rising Tide of Revolution
Oakland Socialist Voice/March 24, 1906

The Story of an Eyewitness

Collier’s/May 5, 1906

Something is Rotten in Idaho

The Socialist/November 4, 1906

The Voyage of the Snark

Cosmopolitan/December, 1906

The Somnambulist
The Independent/December 20, 1906


My Castle in Spain

House Beautiful/January, 1907

Denied Admittance to the U.S. Because He Loves Liberty

Socialist Voice/January 5, 1907

My Life in the Underworld

Cosmopolitan/May, 1907

Holding Her Down

Cosmopolitan/June, 1907


Cosmopolitan/July, 1907

The Pen

Cosmopolitan/August, 1907

Pictures, Stray Memories of

Life in the Underworld

Cosmopolitan/September, 1907

March of Kelly’s Army
Cosmopolitan/October, 1907

Road Kids and Gay Cats

Cosmopolitan/November, 1907

Hoboes That Pass in the Night
Cosmopolitan/December, 1907


The Lepers of Molokai
Woman’s Home Companion/January, 1908

Some Adventures With the Police

Cosmopolitan/March, 1908

Building of the Boat

Harper's Weekly/July 18, 1908

Engaging a Crew

Harper's Weekly/July 25, 1908

Finding One’s Way on the Sea
Harper’s Weekly/August 1, 1908

J a c k  L o n d o n  ( 1 8 7 6 - 1 9 1 6 )


What Socialism Is

San Francisco Examiner/December 25, 1895


Direct Legislation Through

the Initiative and Referendum

Oakland Times/May 9, 1896

Socialistic Views on Coin

Oakland Times/July 29, 1896


Through the Rapids on the Way to the Klondike

Home Magazine/June, 1899

From Dawson to the Sea

Buffalo News/June 4, 1899

On the Writer's Philosophy of Life

The Editor/October, 1899


​The Economics of the Klondike

Review of Reviews/January, 1900

Pluck and Pertinacity

Youth's Companion/January 4, 1900

The Impossibility of War​

Overland Monthly/March, 1900

Jack London in Boston

Boston Evening Transcript/May 26, 1900

The Shrinkage of the Planet

Chatauquan Magazine/May 31, 1900

Husky--Wolf-Dog of the North

Harper's/June, 1900

The Dignity of Dollars

​Overland Monthly/July, 1900

The Shrinkage of the Planet
The Chautauquan/September, 1900
Housekeeping in the Klondike

Harper’s Bazaar/September 16, 1900

Phenomena of Literary Evolution

The Bookman/October, 1900

What Communities Lose

by the Competitive System
Cosmopolitan/November, 1900

The Question of a Name

The Writer/December, 1900

First Aid to Rising Authors
Junior Munsey Magazine/December, 1900


Editorial Crimes – A Protest

Dilettante/February, 1901

An Appreciation

Challenge/April 24, 1901

The Homecoming of the Oregon
San Francisco Examiner/June 14, 1901

Grandly Opens the

Third National Bundes Shooting Fest
San Francisco Examiner/July 15, 1901

Steady Nerve of Early Rising Riflemen

San Francisco Examiner/July 16, 1901

California Pioneers Watch the Younger Generation Pinging the Many Targets

San Francisco Examiner/July 17, 1901

Delightful Memories Suggested and Recalled by the Visit of Julius Beeker to the

Bundesfest Shooting Hall
San Francisco Examiner/July 18, 1901
How the Marksman Petrifies for the Shot

San Francisco Examiner/July 19, 1901

How the Markers Operate in the

Quiet Target Pits
San Francisco Examiner/July 20, 1901

A Girl Who Crossed Swords With a Burglar

San Francisco Examiner/July 21, 1901

Each Record Broken

Adds to Country’s War Strength
 San Francisco Examiner/July 21, 1901

Phases of Mental Condition in the Big Shoots

San Francisco Examiner/July 22, 1901

Study of Physical Traits of

Men Who Shoot the Best
San Francisco Examiner/July 23, 1901

Lessons of Living

Taught by the Visiting Riflemen
San Francisco Examiner/July 24, 1901

Peter de Ville, Alaska’s Moon Country Explorer, Tells Jack London

His Story of the Luring North
San Francisco Examiner/October 14, 1901

Gladiators of Machine Age

San Francisco Examiner/November 16, 1901


Governor Taft Tells Jack London About Filipinos and Philippines

San Francisco Examiner/January 22, 1902

Millionaire Divides His Profits with his Workmen to Share Their Happiness​​
San Francisco Examiner/April 18, 1902

The Stampede to Thunder Mountain:

The New Idaho Gold Camp
Collier’s/May 3, 1902

Salt of the Earth
Anglo-American Magazine/August, 1902

Rods and Gunnels

The Bookman/August, 1902

Again the Literary Aspirant

The Critic/September, 1902

Simple Impressive Rite

at Cornerstone Emplacement of

Hearst Memorial Mining Building

San Francisco Examiner/November 19, 1902


Getting Into Print

Editor/March, 1903

How I Became A Socialist

Comrade/March, 1903

Two Contradictory Teachers

International Socialist Review/May, 1903

These Bones Shall Rise Again

The Reader/June, 1903

The Terrible and the Tragic in Fiction

The Critic/June, 1903

What Shall Be Done With This Boy?

Jack London Responds to a Vital Question

San Francisco Examiner/June 21, 1903

Gold Hunters of the North
Atlantic Monthly/July, 1903

Stranger than Fiction
The Critic/August, 1903

The Class Struggle
Independent/November 5, 1903

1908 cont'd

Adventures in Dream Harbor
Harper’s Weekly/August 8, 1908

The Joys of Surf Riding
Pall Mall Magazine/September, 1908

The Nature Man

Woman’s Home Companion/Sept., 1908

The Other Animals

Collier’s/September 5, 1908

“The High Seat of Abundance”

Woman’s Home Companion/Nov., 1908

In a Modern Stadium

Australian Star/December 28, 1908


Jack London’s Article

Australian Star/January 7, 1909

Strike Methods: American and Australian

Australian Star/January 14, 1909

Saved—and Lost! The Sobraon Boys
Australian Star/January 28, 1909

Running a Newspaper. His Scheme

Australian Star/February 4, 1909

The Yankee Myth

Australian Star/February 11, 1909

“Too Much English”

Woman’s Home Companion/April 9, 1909

If Japan Awakens China

Sunset Magazine/December 1909


The House of the Sun

Pacific Monthly/January, 1910

A Pacific Traverse

Pacific Monthly/February, 1910


Pacific Monthly/March, 1910

Stone Fishing of Bora Bora

Pacific Monthly/April, 1910

The Amateur Navigator
Pacific Monthly/May, 1910

House of the Sun

Pacific Monthly/June, 1910

Cruising in the Solomons

Pacific Monthly/June, 1910

Jack London Says Reno Crowds Eagerly Await Big Fight

New York Herald/June 24, 1910

“Jeff a Fighter, Johnson a Boxer”

New York Herald/June 25, 1910

Never a Man So Fit as Jeffries

New York Herald/June 26, 1910

Fighter With the Quality of the ‘Abysmal Brute’ Will Win the Great Battle

New York Herald/June 27, 1910

No ‘Lucky Punch’ Likely at Reno

New York Herald/June 28, 1910

Ape and Tiger in U.S. Demand Fight
New York Herald/June 29, 1910

Jeffries’ Silence Marks a Thinker

New York Herald/June 30, 1910

Man Never Lived Who Could Keep Johnson From Landing

New York Herald/July 1, 1910

Crowning Fight of Ring’s History

New York Herald/July 2, 1910

Jeffries Never Wasted Energy

New York Herald/July 3, 1910

Square Fight Sure, Men Prime for It

New York Herald/July 4, 1910

Negro, Never in Doubt, Fear or Trouble

New York Herald/July 5, 1910

Amateur MD

Pacific Monthly/August, 1910


The Human Drift

Forum/January, 1911

Navigating Four Horses North of the Bay

Sunset/September, 1911

A Classic of the Sea

New York Independent/December 14, 1911


The Big Scrap is Coming

Common Sense/March, 1912

The Joy of Small Boat Sailing
Country Life in America/August 1, 1912


Jack London Sees Movies

Made of His “Sea Wolf”
San Francisco Examiner/August 16, 1913


Jack London Goes to a Burlesque Show and Here’s What He Has to Say About It

San Francisco Examiner/March 22, 1914

Our Adventures in Tampico

Collier's Weekly/June 27, 1914

The Army of the Revolution
International Socialist Review/August, 1914

The Red Game of War
Collier’s/May 16, 1914

With Funston’s Men

Collier’s/May 23, 1914

Mexico’s Army and Ours

Collier’s/May 30, 1914

Stalking the Pestilence

Collier’s/June 6, 1914

The Trouble Makers of Mexico

Collier’s/June 13, 1914


Collier’s/June 20, 1914

Our Adventures in Tampico

Collier’s/June 27, 1914


The Psychology of the Surfboard

Mid-Pacific Magazine/May, 1915


Our Guiltless Scapegoats,

The Stricken of Molokai
Philadelphia Ledger/June 21, 1916

My Hawaiian Aloha

Cosmopolitan/September, 1916

My Hawaiian Aloha (II)

Cosmopolitan/October, 1916

My Hawaiian Aloha (III)

Cosmopolitan/December, 1916


The Question of the Maximum

The Occident/January, 1917

Eight Great Factors of Literary Success

The Silhouette/February, 1917

Are There Any Thrills Left in Life?
Overland Monthly/May, 1917

Jack London on the Great War

Overland Monthly/May, 1917