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S t e p h e n  C r a n e  A r t i c l e s 

Captured Mausers for Volunteers
New York World/July 17, 1898

Regulars Get No Glory
New York World/July 20, 1898

A Soldier’s Burial

That Made a Native Holiday
New York Journal/August 15, 1898

Grand Rapids and Ponce
New York Journal/August 17, 1898

The Porto Rican “Straddle”
New York Journal/August 18, 1898

Stephen Crane Sees Free Cuba
New York Journal/August 28, 1898

Stephen Crane Fears No Blanco
New York Journal/August 30, 1898

Stephen Crane’s Views of Havana
New York Journal/September 7, 1898

Havana’s Hate Dying, Says Stephen Crane
New York Journal/September 13, 1898

The Grocer Blockade
New York Journal/September 23, 1898

Memoirs of a Private
New York Journal/September 25, 1898

The Private’s Story
New York Journal/September 26, 1898

Stephen Crane Makes Observations

in Cuba’s Capital
New York Journal/October 2, 1898

How They Leave Cuba
New York Journal/October 6, 1898

Stephen Crane in Havana
New York Journal/October 9, 1898

How They Court in Cuba
New York Journal/October 25, 1898

Stephen Crane on Havana
New York Journal/November 6, 1898

“You Must!”—“We Can’t!”
New York Journal/November 8, 1898

Mr. Crane, of Havana
New York Journal/November 9, 1898

Spaniards Two
New York Journal/November 11, 1898

In Havana as It Is Today
New York Journal/November 12, 1898

Our Sad Need of Diplomats

New York Journal/November 17, 1898


The Scotch Express
Cassell’s Magazine/January, 1899

How Americans Make War
London Daily Chronicle/July 25, 1899

France’s Would Be Hero
New York Journal/October 15, 1899


Some Curious Lessons from the Transvaal
New York Journal/January 7, 1900
Stephen Crane Says: Watson’s Criticisms of England’s War Are Not Unpatriotic
New York Journal/February 14, 1900

Stephen Crane Says: The British Soldiers are Not Familiar with the “Business End” of Modern Rifles
New York Journal/February 14, 1900
The Brief Campaign Against New Orleans
Lippincott’s/March, 1900
The Talk of London
New York Journal/March 11, 1900
Stephen Crane Says: Edwin Markham is His First Choice for the American Academy
New York Journal/March 31, 1900
The Storming of Badajoz
Lippincott’s/April, 1900
The Siege of Plevna
Lippincott’s/May, 1900

The Battle of Bunker Hill
Lippincott’s/June, 1900
Lippincott’s/July, 1900
A Swede’s Campaign in Germany: I. Leipzig
Lippincott’s/August, 1900
A Swede’s Campaign in Germany: II. Lutzen
Lippincott’s/September, 1900
The Battle of Solferino
Lippincott’s/October, 1900
The Storming of Burkersdorf Heights
Lippincott’s/November, 1900
Across the Covered Pit
Bulletin of the NYPL/April 28, 1956

The Art Students’ League Building
Bulletin of the New York Public Library, 1956
Americans and Beggars in Cuba
The War Dispatches of Stephen Crane/1964
Above all Things
Bulletin of the New York Public Library/1967
Greek War Correspondents
Prairie Schooner/Fall, 1969
A Foreign Policy in Three Glimpses
Bulletin of the New York Public Library

Crane at Velestino
New York Journal/May 11, 1897

​The Blue Badge of Cowardice
New York Journal/May 12, 1897

Yale Man Arrested
New York Journal/May 14, 1897
War Seen Through a Woman’s Eyes
New York Journal/May 14, 1897
Stephen Crane Tells of War’s Horrors
New York Journal/May 23, 1897
Greeks Waiting at Thermopylae
New York Journal/May 24, 1897
The Dogs of War
New York Journal/May 30, 1897
A Fragment of Velestino
New York Journal/June 13, 1897

My Talk with “Soldiers Six”
Westminster Gazette/June 14-15, 1897
The Man in the White Hat
Westminster Gazette/June 18, 1897
London Impressions
Saturday Review/July 31, 1897
How the Afridis Made a Ziarat
New York Press/September 19, 1897

Westminster Gazette/October 22, 1897

A Fishing Village

Westminster Gazette/November, 1897

The Royal Irish Constabulary
Westminster Gazette/November, 1897

An Old Man Goes Wooing

Westminster Gazette/November 23, 1897



Concerning the English “Academy”
The Bookman/March, 1898
Harold Frederic
The Chap Book/March 15, 1898
The Blood of the Martyr
New York Press/April 3, 1898

The Assassin in Modern Battles

New York Journal/April 24, 1898

The Terrible Captain

of the Captured Panama
New York World/April 28, 1898

Sampson Inspects Harbor at Mariel

New York World/May 1, 1898

Inaction Deteriorates the Key West Fleet
New York World/May 6, 1898

Stephen Crane’s Pen-Picture of C.H. Thrall
New York World/May 8, 1898

With the Blockade on Cuban Coast
New York World/May 9, 1898

Sayings of the Turret Jacks

in Our Blockading Fleets
New York World/May 15, 1898

Hayti and San Domingo

Favor the United States
New York World/May 24, 1898

How Sampson Closed His Trap
New York World/May 27, 1898

Narrow Escape of the Three Friends

New York World/May 29, 1898

In the First Land Fight

Four of Our Men Are Killed
New York World/June 13, 1898

Only Mutilated by Bullets
Boston Globe/June 16, 1898

Roosevelt’s Rough Riders’ Loss

Due to a Gallant Blunder
New York World/June 26, 1898

Pando Hurrying to Santiago

New York World/July 1, 1898

The Red Badge of Courage

Was His Wig-Wag Flag
New York World/July 1, 1898

Chased by a Big “Spanish Man-O’-War”

New York World/July 3, 1898

Artillery Duel Was

Fiercely Fought on Both Sides
New York World/July 3, 1898

Crane Tells the Story of the Disembarkment
New York World/July 7, 1898

Stephen Crane at the Front for the World
New York World/July 7, 1898

Spanish Deserters

Among the Refugees at El Caney
New York World/July 8, 1898

Hunger Has Made Cubans Fatalists
New York World/July 12, 1898

Stephen Crane’s Vivid Story of the

Battle of San Juan
New York World/July 14, 1898

Night Attack on the Marines

and a Brave Rescue
New York World/July 16, 1898


Henry M. Stanley
Vidette/February, 1890
Vidette/May, 1890

Avon’s School by the Sea
New York Tribune/August 4, 1890
Battalion Notes
Vidette/June, 1890
Avon Seaside Assembly
New York Tribune/July 28, 1890


The King’s Favor
Syracuse University Herald/May, 1891

Great Bugs in Onondaga
Syracuse Daily Standard/June 1, 1891

Biology at Avon-by-the-Sea
New York Tribune/July 19, 1891


Meetings Begun at Ocean Grove
New York Tribune/July 2, 1892
Crowding into Asbury Park
New York Tribune/July 3, 1892
Joys of Seaside Life
New York Tribune/July 17, 1892
Summer Dwellers at Asbury Park and Their Doings
New York Tribune/July 24, 1892
On the Boardwalk
New York Tribune/August 14, 1892

Along the Shark River
New York Tribune/August 15, 1892
Howells Discussed at Avon-by-the-Sea
New York Tribune/August 18, 1891
Parades and Entertainments
New York Tribune/August 21, 1892
The Seaside Assembly’s Work at Avon
New York Tribune/August 29, 1892
The Seaside Assembly
September 6, 1892
The Seaside Hotel
September 11, 1892


The Depths of a Coal Mine
McClure’s Syndicate/July 22, 1894
Howells Fears the Realists Must Wait
McClure’s Syndicate/October 28, 1894
Ghosts on the Jersey Coast
New York Press/November 11, 1894


The Ghostly Sphinx of Metedeconk
New York Press/January 13, 1895


Six Years Afloat
Pittsburgh Leader/August 2, 1896
Asbury Park as Seen by Stephen Crane
New York Journal/August 16, 1896
Adventures of a Novelist
New York Journal/September 20, 1896
The Devil’s Acre
New York World/October 25, 1896
Harvard University

Against the Carlisle Indians
New York Journal/November 1, 1896
How Princeton Met Harvard at Cambridge
New York Journal/November 8, 1896
A Birthday Word from

Novelist Stephen Crane
New York Journal/November 8, 1896


Ouida’s Masterpiece
Book Buyer/January, 1897
Stephen Crane’s Own Story
Bacheller Syndicate/January 7, 1897
An Impression of the “Concert”
Westminster Gazette/March 3, 1897
Stephen Crane Says

Greeks Cannot Be Curbed
New York Journal/April 30, 1897
Woman Correspondent at the Front
New York Journal/April 30, 1897
The Filibustering Industry
Bacheller Syndicate/May 2, 1897
New Invasion of Britain
McClure’s Syndicate/May 9, 1897
Imogene Carter’s Pen Picture

of the Fighting at Velestino
New York Journal/May 10, 1897