​​​Productive Scholarship
The Outlook/January 13, 1912

The Junior Republic

The Outlook/January 20, 1912

The Church and the People

The Outlook/January 27, 1912

Women's Rights, And the Duties

of Both Men and Women

The Outlook/February 3, 1912

A Phase of Industrial Justice

The Outlook/February 17, 1912

The Court of the Children

The Outlook/March 2, 1912

Do You Believe in the Rule of the People?

The Outlook/March 9, 1912

The Conservation of Business--

Shall We Strangle or Control It?

The Outlook/March 16, 1912

A Short Political Creed

The Outlook/March 30, 1912

Politics and the Post Office

The Outlook/April 6, 1912

The Welfare of the Farmer

The Outlook/April 20, 1912

The Rank and File

The Outlook/June 1, 1912

A Naked Issue of Right and Wrong

The Outlook/June 15, 1912

The Progressive Party's Appeal

The Independent/October 24, 1912

An Achievement for Humanity

The Outlook/January 18, 1913

A Layman's View of an Art Exhibition
The Outlook/March 29, 1913

The Ohio Floods: 
Can Such Calamities be Prevented?
The Outlook/April 5, 1913

Chapters of a Possible Autobiography: Practical Politics
The Outlook/April 26, 1913

The High School and the College
The Outlook/May 16, 1913

A Cougar Hunt on the

Rim of the Grand Canyon

The Outlook/October 4, 1913

Across the Navajo Desert

The Outlook/October 11, 1913

The Hopi Snake Dance

The Outlook/October 18, 1913

A Hunter-Naturalist

in the Brazilian Wilderness:

Up the Paraguay

Scribner's/April, 1914

A Hunter-Naturalist 
in the Brazilian Wilderness:
A Jaguar Hunt on the Taquary

Scribner's/May, 1914

The Headwaters of the Paraguay​

​Scribner's/June, 1914

Up the River of Tapirs

Scribner's/July, 1914


The Archive Bookstore

Theodore Roosevelt
Wilderness, Vol. 1: Journalism 1886 - 1901
ISBN: 978-0-9907137-1-5
List Price: $24.95

In the western territories a young Theodore Roosevelt found inspiring loneliness and a hunter’s paradise. Out here TR enjoyed tough physical challenges and a pleasing distance from the half-formed men of the East, who grasped so desperately for money and power. As the “open season” on buffalo, antelope, mountain goat and white-tailed deer brought these species close to extinction, however, he began to understand the meaning and value of conservation—a sentiment expressed eloquently in the articles he penned for Century, The Outlook and other journals.This collection is the first of two volumes from The Archive offering TR's journalism, complete and unabridged, as a hunter, rancher and environmentalist.

The Rough Riders: Raising the Regiment
Scribner's/January, 1899

​​The Rough Riders: To Cuba

Scribner's/February, 1899

The Rough Riders:

General Young's Fight at Las Guasimas

Scribner's/March, 1899

The Rough Riders: The Cavalry at Santiago

Scribner's/April, 1899

The Rough Riders: In the Trenches

Scribner's/May, 1899

The Rough Riders: The Return Home

Scribner's/June, 1899

Admiral Dewey

McClure's/October, 1899

Military Preparedness and Unpreparedness

Century Magazine/November, 1899

Army Reforms: A Letter from Governor Roosevelt

The Outlook/December 16, 1899

Expansion and Peace

The Independent/December 21, 1899

Fellow Feeling as a Political Factor

Century Magazine/January, 1900

Character and Success

The Outlook/March 31, 1900

What We Can Expect of the American Boy

St. Nicholas/May, 1900

The Eighth and Ninth Commandments

in Politics

The Outlook/May 12, 1900

​Latitude and Longitude Among Reformers

​Century Magazine/June, 1900

Promise and Performance

The Outlook/July 28, 1900

Civic Helpfulness

Century Magazine/October, 1900

Political Assessments in the Coming Campaign

Atlantic Monthly/July, 1892

Wilderness Reserves

Field and Stream/August 27, 1904

Field and Stream/September 3, 1904

The Ancient Irish Sagas

Century Magazine/January, 1907

Where We Cannot Work With Socialists

Outlook/March 20, 1909

Where We Can Work With Socialists

Outlook/March 27, 1909

The Thraldom of Names

The Outlook/June 19, 1909

African Game Trails:

I. A Railroad Through the Pleistocene

Scribners/October, 1909

African Game Trails:

II. On an East African Ranch -

Lion Hunting on the Kapiti Plains

Scribners/November, 1909

African Game Trails:

III. On Safari. Rhinos and Giraffes

​Scribners/December, 1909

The Administration of the Canal

The Outlook/July 8, 1911

The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century

The Outlook/July 29, 1911

Dante and the Bowery

The Outlook/August 26, 1911

The Search for Truth in a Reverent Spirit

The Outlook/December 2, 1911



Harvard Advocate/October 17, 1879


Phases of State Legislation

Century Magazine/April, 1885


Ranch Life and Game Shooting in the West

I. The Ranch

Outing/March, 1886

Ranch Life and Game Shooting in the West

II. Antelope Shooting on the Cattle Trail

Outing/April, 1886

Ranch Life and Game Shooting in the West

III. Shooting Near the Ranch House--

The White-Tailed Deer

Outing/May, 1886

Ranch Life and Game Shooting in the West

IV. The Deer of the Upland

and the Broken Ground

Outing/June, 1886

Cross-Country Riding in America

Century Magazine/July, 1886

Ranch Life and Game Shooting in the West

V. The Last of the Elk

Outing/July, 1886

Ranch Life and Game Shooting in the West

​VI. Water Fowl and Prairie Fowl

Outing/August, 1886

Machine Politics in New York City​

Century Magazine/November, 1886


Big Game in Dakota

Forest and Stream/December 15, 1887


Remarks on Balloting and Copyright in "Notes"

North American Review/February, 1888

Ranch Life in the Far West

In the Cattle Country

Century Magazine/February, 1888

The Home Ranch

Century Magazine/March, 1888​

The Round-Up

Century Magazine/April, 1888

Sheriff's Work on a Ranch

Century Magazine/May, 1888​

Some Recent Criticism of America

Eclectic Magazine/November, 1888



​Forest and Stream/April 11, 1889

Buffalo Hunting

St. Nicholas/December, 1889


The Merit System Versus the Patronage System

Century/February, 1890

"Professionalism" in Sports

North American Review/August, 1890


An Object Lesson in Civil Service Reform

Atlantic Monthly/February, 1891

"Following the Guidon"

Harper's Bazaar/August 16, 1890


An Elk Hunt at Two-Ocean Pass

Century Magazine/September, 1892


A Shot at a Bull Elk

Liber Scriptorum/January, 1893

Big Game Disappearing in the West

Forum/August, 1893


The College Graduate and Public Life

Atlantic Monthly/August, 1894


Hunting in the Cattle Country
Travel/January, 1895​

A Plan to Save the Forests

Century Magazine/February, 1895

The Higher Life of American Cities

The Outlook/December 21, 1895

St. Clair's Defeat

Harper's/May, 1896

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