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Prosecution of Gangsters May Explain Death

Hutchinson (KS) News/April 28, 1926

One Hundred Deaths In 16 Months Is Record Hung Up By Chicago’s Underworld

News Journal (Mansfield, OH)/April 5, 1928

Killing Of Frankie Uale Linked By Police To Feud With ‘Scarface’ Capone

Brooklyn Daily Eagle/July 2, 1928

New Murder Spurs Hunt For Gunmen Waging Feud; Uale Death Car Found

Brooklyn Daily Eagle/July 3, 1928

Jail Sentence for Capone So Well Oiled That Gangster Who Wanted ‘Gentleman’s’ Role May Have Sought Cell as Refuge From Foes

Brooklyn Daily Eagle/May 26, 1929

Three Killed in Barroom

The Call Leader (Elwood, IN)/April 21, 1930

Police Hunt for Ghastly Device

​Manhattan (KS) Mercury/June 4, 1930

Gangland Reporter Slain by Lone Gunman

Decatur (IL) Herald/June 10, 1930

Will Police Get “Rat” Who Didn’t Give Lingle Chance, Widowed Wife?

​Daily Plainsman (Huron, SD)/June 12, 1930

Former Herald Reporter

Escapes Gangsters’ Plot

Decatur Herald/July 9, 1930

Lingle Murder Forces Reorganization of the Chicago Police Dep't

News Pilot (San Pedro, CA)/July 10, 1930


Chicago's Prohibition Gangland