A Community Experiment Which Has Succeeded

New York Times/March 16, 1919


Jews Prepare to Enter Palestine

Birmingham News/July 7, 1920

Zionist Leaders Face Overthrow

Washington Times/July 10, 1920

Lloyd George Sends

Greetings to Zionist Conference

Oregon Daily Journal/July 13, 1920

Zionists Uphold Man as Superior

Salt Lake Telegram/July 14, 1920

Jews Fulfill Prophecy, Plant Million Trees

Little Rock Daily News/August 17, 1920

Artist Will Illustrate Bible in Palestine Home

​Wilmington Morning News/August 20, 1920

McSwiney Knew Danger

​Birmingham News/August 31, 1920

Cork Under Military Rule

​Enid Daily Eagle/September 8, 1920

History is Basis Used by Sinn Fein

Olean Evening Times/September 11, 1920

Suppression in Ireland

Wilmington Morning News/September 13, 1920

The Irish Volunteers

Wilmington Morning News/September 15, 1920

Some Sinn Fein Personalities

Wilmington Morning News/September 16, 1920

​British Coercion Hopeless to Secure Irish Peace

Wilmington Morning News/September 17, 1920

​Last Day of the Occupation Described

Wilmington Morning News/November 26, 1920

Who's Boss in Italy, Employer or Employee?

Wilmington Morning News/November 27, 1920

Labor Control is Daring Experiment

​Wilmington Morning News/November 29, 1920

Workers Seize Control of Italian Factories

Billings Gazette/December 1, 1920

Sailors to Control Ships

Wilmington Morning News/December 1, 1920

Co-Operative Villages Are Success

Miami Herald/December 6, 1920

Giulietti, The Sailor Who Has All Italy By the Ears

Buffalo Courier/December 12, 1920

Officials a Curse of Gay Vienna

Greensboro Record/December 21, 1920

Beggars of Vienna in Big Majority

Greensboro Record/December 22, 1920

Shopping in Vienna

Wilkes-Barre Evening News/December 27, 1920

Everyone in Vienna Family Forced to Toil

Wilmington Morning News/December 30, 1920


Children of Workers in Land of Misery

The Virginian-Pilot/January 2, 1921

Jew is Scapegoat of Starving Vienna

Lincoln Journal-Star/January 3, 1921


Death Stalks Vienna Streets

El Paso Herald/February 12, 1921

Austrian Government Refuses Dependency Idea

Vicksburg Evening Post/February 24, 1921

Luxury in Vienna and Money Flows Like Water

Liberal Daily Democrat/February 26, 1921

Former King is Obliged to Flee From

Hungarian Capital Monday

Coshocton Tribune/March 30, 1921

Return of Habsburg Viewed with Coolness, Says Apponyi

Wichita Daily Stockman/April 5, 1921

Loans of U.S. Are Only Dope Injections to the Diseased

Charlotte News/April 24, 1921

Charles' Plan Nearly Worked

Macon Telegraph/May 8, 1921

Refugee Baroness Vehement

Tacoma Daily Ledger/May 22, 1921

Seeks Control of Iron Fields

Charlotte News/May 26, 1921

Russia Holds the Key to Central Europe

Wilmington Morning News/June 11, 1921

Peasant Party in Russia Proving Itself a Power

Wilmington Morning News/June 14, 1921

Famed Cafe in Vienna Crime and Trade Center

Wilmington Morning News/June 25, 1921

Charles Denies Intention to Seize Throne by Force

​Washington Post/November 1, 1921

Deposed King Starts Exile

Waco News-Tribune/November 5, 1921

Austria-Hungary is Teeming With Royalist Plots

​Brooklyn Daily Eagle/November 10, 1921

Marie Jeritza, "The Geraldine Ferrar of Vienna"

Brooklyn Daily Eagle/November 13, 1921


A Movement to Bring Back the Kings of Europe

Tacoma Daily Ledger/December 11, 1921

Vienna Quiet After Week of Riotings

Tacoma Daily Ledger/December 12, 1921


The Tie That Binds the Whole World Around

Tacoma Daily Ledger/January 15, 1922


Mighty Movement in Russia, Greater Than World Realizes

Buffalo Evening News/February 6, 1928

Appalling Housing Conditions Mar Soviet Cooperative Plan

Buffalo Evening News/February 7, 1928

All Traces of the Old Russia Destroyed by Soviet Regime

Buffalo Evening News/February 8, 1928

Soviet "Robs Peter to Pay Paul" in an

Amazing Industrial Plan

Buffalo Evening News/February 9, 1928

Gigantic Super-Trust Rules Industries in Soviet Russia

Buffalo Evening News/February 10, 1928

Russ Trade Union Demands Hamper Industrial Growth

​Buffalo Evening News/February 11, 1928

Communist World Dream of Militarists in Red Russia

Buffalo Evening News/February 14, 1928

Stories of Terror in Red Russia Held False

Buffalo Evening News/February 15, 1928

Teeming Millions Comprise Russia's Military Machine

Buffalo Evening News/February 16, 1928

Campaign of Hate Waged in Russia Against the World

Buffalo Evening News/February 18, 1928

Love of Man and Woman Discouraged in Soviet Russia

Buffalo Evening News/February 18, 1928

New Type of Human Being is Goal of Communist Party

Buffalo Evening News/February 20, 1928

Two Strange Personalities Stand Out in Russian Life

Buffalo Evening News/February 29, 1928

Tremendous Handicaps Face

Move to Preserve Sovietism

Buffalo Evening News/March 2, 1928


Our Ghostly Republic

Saturday Evening Post/July 27, 1935


Germany's Regimented Culture

St. Louis Post-Dispatch/March 22, 1936

On the Corporations Tax Bill

Oakland Tribune/March 22, 1936

The Floods

Cincinnati Enquirer/March 24, 1936

The Determining Forces

St. Louis Post-Dispatch/March 24, 1936

It Can Happen Here

Brattleboro Reformer/March 28, 1936

The Perils of Dictatorship

Oakland Tribune/March 29, 1936

Reich's "Yes" For Fuhrer Inevitable

The Evening Star/April 1, 1936

On the Record

St. Louis Post-Dispatch/April 1, 1936

Dorothy Thompson Declines Invitation

to the Execution of Bruno Hauptmann

Buffalo News/April 4, 1936

Republican Opposition Has Failed

Buffalo News/April 6, 1936

A Pure Aryan Easter

Buffalo News/April 11, 1936

A Strange Echo of 1917

Oakland Tribune/August 2, 1936

Consumer Consciousness

Oakland Tribune/August 30, 1936

Says Hitler Speech Insults Intelligence

Chattanooga Times/September 29, 1936

President at a Crossroads

Times Dispatch/November 8, 1936


Aviation and the Superman

The Pasadena Post/January 21, 1937

Government and Propaganda

The Pasadena Post/January 25, 1937

The President and John L. Lewis

The Pasadena Post/January 28, 1937

Collective Bargaining and the Power Question

Great Falls Tribune/February 2, 1937

Grouse for Breakfast

Decatur Daily Review/February 5, 1937

When Our Dictator Shows Up

Escanaba Daily Press/February 19, 1937

The Debate Begins: The Supreme Court vs Congress

Great Falls Tribune/February 21, 1937

Will America Ever Speak Out?

Chattanooga News/February 26, 1937

Pittman Neutrality Bill is Rigged in Favor of the

Great Monopolies and Banking Houses

Chattanooga News/February 27, 1937

Concerning "Reactionaries"

Brattleboro Reformer/March 3, 1937

The Child Labor Amendment

Philadelphia Inquirer/March 5, 1937

Navies for Hire

Enid Morning News/August 13, 1937

Not Liberalism, Spoils

Winston-Salem Journal/August 17, 1937

The President and the Budget

Winston-Salem Journal/August 20, 1937

Dorothy Thompson on

Cancel Culture

"Some time ago, Mr. Donald Flamm, of radio station WMCA, put Father Coughlin off the air on the ground of a policy enunciated by all the large networks that time must not be sold on the air for one­-sided controversial opinion but that active controversy must be confined to sustaining programs, where the time is given free and where both side« can be heard.

"The answer of Father Coughlin’s supporters was not to raise the important public questions of whether or not this is a good policy, and whether or not it is being violated by Father Coughlin and others, and what actually constitutes controversy and who ought to decide it. The answer was to cry that Mr. Flamm was suppressing free speech and to proceed to organize economic sanctions—in the form of advertisers’ boycotts—against Mr. Flamm’s station.

"At the same time these same followers have organized boycotts against other speakers with different opinions.

"But this action is itself a complete travesty of the fundamental idea of free speech. For if the answer to policy or opinion is boycott, who can, eventually, risk having an opinion?

"All along the line, in American life, we are settling ideas by economic sanctions.

"The German-Americans who boycott Jewish shops are using force to support ideas. So are the Jews who boycott German shops.

"We need new techniques to combat ideological penetration in our own country, and it seems to me we ought—if we are true to our traditions—to establish them in the realm of law, rather than of economic sanctions. And this applies to capital and labor, and politics, and everything else.

"Ideological penetration occurs through the medium of free speech.

"But what is “free” speech? Is the publication of anonymous and defamatory literature against a racial or religious group of American citizens “free” speech?

"Have propaganda organizations the right to solicit funds without giving a regular and open accounting to the public of the sources and exact disposition of those funds?

"The Dies committee would do well to consult the best possible legal advice as to how we can make “free” speech also responsible speech, and how we can prevent it from being abused by those who only use it in an attempt to destroy it, and with it our democracy."

--"Free Speech in a Democracy"

Evening Review/Feburary 8, 1939

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London / Mencken / 
Roosevelt / Stanley / Steffens / Tarbell / Twain


Dorothy Thompson  (1893 - 1961)



Helena Independent/January 1, 1939

The Results of Lima

Fort Worth Star-Telegram/January 1, 1939

Our Own Horoscope

Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch/January 2, 1939

Line of Defense for U.S.

Against Terrorization in Europe Today

​Spokane Spokesman-Review/January 23, 1939

A "Secret" Shakes the World

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette/February 4, 1939

When Hitler Preaches Peace

Fort Worth Star-Telegram/February 5, 1939

Free Speech in a Democracy

Evening-Review/February 8, 1939

Miracle: A Unified Continent

Fort Worth Star-Telegram/April 23, 1939

The Summer and the President

Roanoke Times/August 8, 1939

Right to Work Theory is Warmly Challenged

Roanoke Times/August 10, 1939

The Spending-Lending Program

​Roanoke Times/August 14, 1939

The Challenge to the Opposition

Roanoke Times/August 15, 1939

We Hardly Have a Foreign Policy

Roanoke Times/August 17, 1939

To Get Rid of One Man
The Whole World May Go to War
Spokesman-Review/September 1, 1939

What is Happening Now Was Bound to Happen

Spokesman-Review/September 4, 1939

So Europe is At War
Spokesman-Review/September 7, 1939

Sound, Powerful Weapon in This War

Spokesman-Review/September 8, 1939

Diary Between Peace and War
Spokesman-Review/September 11, 1939

German Broadcasts Sizzle with
Propaganda Against the Allies
Spokesman-Review/September 14, 1939

Senator Borah and Neutrality
Spokesman-Review/September 19, 1939

Lindbergh and His Propaganda
Spokesman-Review/September 22, 1939

How Nazism Promotes "America First"

Fort Worth Star-Telegram/September 24, 1939


The Anti-Propaganda Propagandists

Roanoke Times/January 1, 1940

The U.S. Commisar for Culture

Roanoke Times/January 3, 1940

A Horoscope for Europe

Roanoke Times/January 4, 1940

Lord Lothian's Speech

Roanoke Times/January 9, 1940

The Dismissal of Mr. Hore-Belisha

Roanoke Times/January 10, 1940

Some Thoughts on Presidential Candidates

Roanoke Times/January 16, 1940

Holland and the Nazis

Roanoke Times/January 18, 1940


The Congressional "Hearing"

Fort Worth Star-Telegram/January 26, 1941


The Howells Journal/May 1, 1941

Who Goes Nazi?
Harper's Monthly/August, 1941

Lindbergh's Confession

Boston Globe/November 3, 1941

Some Questions of Political Strategy

Boston Globe/November 5, 1941

Atlantic Charter, A Political Fiasco, Bolsters Hitler

Boston Globe/November 7, 1941


Mr. Gandhi's Divided Mind

Fort Worth Star-Telegram/August 14, 1942


Public Participation in Decisions

The Chattanooga Times/March 10, 1943


Hitler Termed Europe's Destroyer

The Spokesman-Review/May 12, 1945


 Byrnes Inherits Chamberlain's Umbrella?

Charlotte News/January 1, 1946

The Big Three Must Dictate to Succeed

Charlotte News/January 4, 1946

The Political Art of Blackmail

Boston Globe/February 27, 1946