Knight Admits Error on Lovestone's Birth

The Tennessean/January 2, 1956

NBC Commended for Producing

Broadcast on Red Russia

Columbus Ledger/January 4, 1956

Controversy is Not Dead But It Has Been Strangled into Unconsciousness

Park City Daily News/January 4, 1956

ILO Director Endorsed Man

Who Absconded to Czechoslovakia

Wilkes-Barre Times Leader/January 4, 1956

Sandburg Hits Wealth Midst Waldorf Splendor

Indianapolis Star/May 14, 1956

Pulitzer Award for Iron Curtain Story

Indianapolis Star/May 15, 1956

Black Sox Series, 36 Years Later

Logansport Press/September 16, 1956

The Mysteries of Arthur Goldsmith

Logansport Press/September 18, 1956

The Wisdom of Gene Fowler

Logansport Press/September 19, 1956

Open-Shop Laws: Calculated Confusion

Logansport Press/September 20, 1956

Fair Enough
Reading Eagle/October 31, 1956

All About Adlai

Reading Eagle/November 1, 1956


Secret Session Arouses Suspicion

Rome News-Tribune/April 10, 1957

Secret Session Roster Revealed
The Spokesman-Review/April 15, 1957

Tax Rules Unfair on Charities
The Spokesman-Review/April 20, 1957

The Illuminati at St. Simon's
The Spokesman-Review/April 23, 1957


Castro Killer

St. Louis Globe-Democrat/July 12, 1960

Bitter Commentary

St. Louis Globe-Democrat/July 13, 1960

Government is Enemy of People

El Paso Herald-Post/October 3, 1960

Why Does Nixon Pull His Punch?

El Paso Herald-Post/October 7, 1960


Fascism Continues Under JFK

El Paso Herald/March 29, 1961

Riders’ Smear Attempt

Jackson Daily News/June 16, 1961


The Kennedy-Pegler Debate

Dixon Telegraph/March 7, 1962

Journalism and Whittaker Chambers

Dixon Telegraph/Mqrch 9, 1962

Hitler Tried to Keep Us Out of War

El Paso Herald-Post/March 23, 1962

Garner Personifies Patriotism

El Paso Herald-Post/June 13, 1962

Pair Build Fabulous Motel

El Paso Herald-Post/August 1, 1962

The Westbrook Pegler Collection


Noted Writer Introduces Himself

Quad City Times/December 11, 1933

        "Another cub in the same pressroom was Webb Miller, who has now been one of the great European correspondents for the last 15 years, Once, when I was working in London, he came over to work in the same shop and we held a reunion in the course of which he admitted that he and another fellow once had committed a holdup in Chicago. He and this friend had been buying beer all night and a stranger had joined them. But the stranger, though he drank his beers, did not buy any. At closing time, the stranger pulled out a wad of money and bought himself one cigar. This annoyed Webb Miller and his friend, so they followed him down Washington Street, shoved him into a doorway and were about to take his money when he pleaded with them not to rob him of the leg of lamb and bag of eggplant which he had been ordered to bring home for Sunday dinner. So Mr. Miller and his partner in crime disregarded his roll of money but took his leg of lamb and his eggplant."


Convict Lied Way to Trenches and Died

Capitol Journal/September 23, 1916

Welsh's Home Region Breeds Scrappers

Santa Cruz Evening News/October 11, 1916

First of Pegler's "Reporter in London" Series

Weekly Guard/Oct. 20, 1916


First American Army in England

Plan of Bullock

Muscatine News-Tribune/May 31, 1917

America's Fighting Army in Need of

Men and Supplies

Salina Daily Union/August 31, 1917

American Troops in France

Have Opportunities to Save

Daily Star-Mirror/September 5, 1917

Every Sammy Ready to Battle

Germans with France Today

Arkansas City Daily News/September 7, 1917

There's No Doubt About the

Vote of the Canucks

Calgary Herald/December 14, 1917

Fallen Airplanes are Studied by

Aviation Students in France

Fort Worth Star-Telegram/December 16, 1917

Songs of the Sammies

Albany Democrat/December 28, 1917


Wilson Raises Ante From $11 to $40,000 for Second Appearance in New York Arena

Pittsburgh Post/March 14, 1921

Chorus Beauties in Ranks of Toil

Atlanta Constitution/June 19, 1921

Need More Room for World Title Games

The Post-Crescent/September 30, 1921

Jackson-Dundee Box Another Draw;

Norfolk is Winner

Oregon Daily Journal/December 31, 1921


The Death of Frankie Jerome

Atlanta Constitution/January 18, 1924

Ban Johnson Faces Three Way Fire as Baseball Meetings Open

Muskogee Daily Phoenix/December 9, 1924


Tunney Kayoes Gibbons in Twelfth Round

Bakersfield Californian/June 6, 1925

Phil Goldstein is Real Student

Bakersfield Californian/June 6, 1925

Pugilism Falls Upon Evil Days,

According to Brand New Critic

Salt Lake Tribune/November 5, 1925

Steam Rollers Crush Grange

New York Daily News/December 10, 1925

Rockne Leaves, Roasting Columbia

New York Daily News/December 14, 1925

Civilization a Bullet-Barbed Joke,

Siki Found; Burial Today

New York Daily News/December 18, 1925


If This Bidding Continues

Omaha World-Herald/January 3, 1926

Better Ball for Game in 1926

Fort Worth Star-Telegram/January 4, 1926

Old Timers on Brooklyn Club

Chicago Tribune/March 11, 1926

Harry Persson, Monte Munn 
Take Lickings in NY Ring

Chicago Tribune/December 23, 1926


Pegler Sees Yankees Toil

Chicago Tribune/March 16, 1927


Dempsey Ready to Resume

Business as Ring Champion

Chicago Tribune/December 31, 1928


Bill Tilden and the Tennis Dub

Chattanooga News/January 5, 1929

Fumble, Nightmare of Grid Coaches,

Has Fangs Drawn

Fort Worth Record-Telegram/February 19, 1929

Pegler Tells Why Gamblers 
Wear Those Gloomy Looks
Chicago Tribune/August 8, 1929

Beat the Races?

Impossible, Says Colonel Bradly

Chicago Tribune/August 9, 1929

Band Goes to Camp Too(t)

Fort Worth Record-Telegram/Sept. 10, 1929

Memories of Black Sox Still Haunt Him, 
But Gleason Carries On

Chicago Tribune/October 3, 1929


The Called Shot Heard 'Round the World

Chicago Tribune/October 2, 1932


​List of Rainy-Day Topics Pegler’s First Concern As He Tackles New Writing Job

Quad City Times/December 11, 1933

Noted Writer Introduces Himself

Quad City Times/December 11, 1933

Repeal Robs Pegler of Target for Hate;

Casts About for Substitute

Quad City Times/December 13, 1933

Pegler Sees Merit in Lynch Law Because Pardon is Impossible

Davenport Democrat/Deceember 14, 1933

Italian Editors Skeptical,

Says Westbrook Pegler

Daily Pantagraph/December 19, 1933

Lindbergh and the Press

Decatur Daily Review/December 22, 1933

Understands $10 Bills

Decatur Daily Review/December 29, 1933


Are Wrestlers People?

Esquire/January, 1934

The Life of Reilly

Esquire/September, 1934


Pegler Dissects the Annual Gridiron Club Banquet and Finds It Rather Somber

Green Press Press Gazette/March 5, 1935

Chicago Horse Parlors, An Underworld Racket, May Be Legalized by State With O.K. of Prof

Evansville Press/July 8, 1935

Tribute to Dr. Townsend

Evansville Press/July 9, 1935

College Courses in Gambling Not a Bad Idea

Evansville Press/July 10, 1935

Cheer for Jimmy Walker

Evansville Press/July 11, 1935

Benito mussolini Stealing Pete Reilly's Stuff

Evansville Press/July 12, 1935

What Makes an Athlete?

Evansville Press/July 14, 1935


The Conquest of Mount Epsom
Hearst Syndicate/February, 1936


The Irritations of Wealth

Richmond Times-Dispatch/January 5, 1937

Fair Enough

Philadelphia Inquirer/March 5, 1937

This is Just a Day-Dream About Money-Raising Possibilities of a Government Number Racket
Evening Independent/October 1, 1937

Big Business Should Put Fascism Beside 
Communism in List of Things it Opposes

Evening Independent/October 2, 1937

It is Fortunate That There is Some Comedy Relief in This Angry Episode About Justice Black​
Evening Independent/October 4, 1937


Tom Pendergast Gives Good, Rotten Government

El Paso Herald/February 21, 1938


Mass Perversion in the Roosevelt-Truman State

Montana Standard/April 16, 1950

Ice-Pick Unionism
Spartanburg Herald/May 1, 1940

Meditations on the War
Spartanburg Herald/May 2, 1940

The Klan and Company Unions
Spartanburg Herald/May 3, 1940

The Tulip Problem
Spartanburg Herald/May 7, 1940

The AFL's Anti-Crime Sham
Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 12, 1940

The Fine Union Craft of the Stink-Bomb
Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 15, 1940

Union Dues Finance a Fine Lifestyle
Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 18, 1940

The Rules of Civilized Warfare
Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 19, 1940

War, Freedom, and Fascists
Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 21, 1940

Wilson's Armed Isolation
Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 22, 1940

Unprepared for War
Spartanburg Herald-Journal/May 23, 1940

Union Boss Coerces Roosevelt Vote
Spartanburg Herald-Journal/October 29, 1940

Nepotism and the New Deal
Spartanburg Herald-Journal/October 30, 1940

The Union Racket
Spartanburg Herald-Journal/October 31, 1940

[No Title]
Spartanburg Herald-Journal/November 1, 1940

Mr. Roosevelt's Aims
​Spartanburg Herald-Journal/November 2, 1940

The Brutal Spirit of Power
Spartanburg Herald-Journal/November 3, 1940

Stooges and Fellow Travelers
Spartanburg Herald-Journal/November 6, 1940

In Debt to Uncle Sam
Spartanburg Herald-Journal/November 8, 1940

Political Abuse of Unions
Spartanburg Herald-Journal/November 9, 1940

Fitzgerald's Flappers and Failures
Los Angeles Times/December 27, 1940


The Dangers of Irony
Los Angeles Times/March 7, 1941

Fort Bragg Free of Union Shakedowns

Los Angeles Times/March 14, 1941

Come Now, Mr. Fadiman!

Rutland Daily Herald/August 4, 1941


40-Hour Week Row Only a Sideshow

To Cover Up for Unions

Knoxville News-Sentinel/April 1, 1942

Supreme Court Mocks Arnold and People in Teamster Case Ruling

Knoxville News-Sentinel/April 2, 1942

Conscription of All Would Throw

Nation Into Hands of Unions

Knoxville News-Sentinel/April 3, 1942

Criticism of Unions Does Not

Put Writer with Roosevelt-Haters

Knoxville News-Sentinel/April 15, 1942

Unions Blame Bosses for Malnutrition

But Fees Are No Help

Knoxville News-Sentinel/April 16, 1942

Unions More Guilty of Libel

Than Those Who Criticize Them

Knoxville News-Sentinel/April 22, 1942

Dream of Post-War Brotherhood is

Just a Political Fancy

Knoxville News-Sentinel/May 2, 1942

White Press Overly Friendly to the Negro

Santa Cruz Sentinel/June 18, 1942


The Communist Betrayal of France

North Adams Transcript/December 13, 1944

Mr. Spelvin Can Hate Anybody He Likes

North Adams Transcript/December 14, 1944

Guardhouse or Scuttlebutt Lawyers

North Adams Transcript/December 15, 1944

The Problem with Boycotts

North Adams Transcript/December 19, 1944


Historic News Story, British Style

Press and Sun-Bulletin/March 7, 1945

U.S. 'Crush' on France Shaken

Press and Sun-Bulletin/March 8, 1945

Placing U.S. Amry in False Light

Press and Sun-Bulletin/March 9, 1945

George Spelvin Writes the General

Press and Sun-Bulletin/March 12, 1945

Lewis' Royalty Idea is Not Original

Press and Sun-Bulletin/March 14, 1945

As Pegler Sees It. Communists Go `Big Business’ to Trick U.S.

Chicago Herald-American/March 15, 1945

Washington vs. Moscow as Capital

Post and Sun-Bulletin/March 16, 1945

NY Sneers at Senator Bilbo

Invite Carpetbagger Comparisons

Dixon Telegraph/September 10, 1945


Author of "The Plotters"

Displayed Excessive Timidity

Shreveport Times/November 15, 1946

Labor Court System Gains Favor

Press and Sun-Bulletin/December 3, 1946

Purported Review of Communism
Press and Sun-Bulletin/December 4, 1946

Rising Star of Teamsters' Leader

Press and Sun-Bulletin/December 10, 1946

Union Bosses are Old, Old, Old

Press and Sun-Bulletin/December 11, 1946

Durocher Again Guest of Raft

Press and Sun-Bulletin/December 12, 1946

Golden Chance for Sports World

Press and Sun-Builletin/December 13, 1946

Exposers as Bad as the Exposed

Press and Sun-Bulletin/December 16, 1946

League's 'Secret Police' Activities

Press and Sun-Bulletin/December 17, 1946

'Urgent' Vacation Taken by Buzzi

Press and Sun-Bulletin/December 18, 1946

Newspapers Should Attack Gaming

Press and Sun-Bulletin/December 19, 1946


He Ran Strategy and Pulled Strings; 
Is That Proper for a Justice?
​Shreveport Times/August 2, 1948

Roosevelt Invoked Very Principles 
Which Parties are Now Fighting
Shreveport Times/August 3, 1948

Pegler Gets Copies of Two Other “Examples Of Wallace’s Absurdity”

Roanoke Raids Daily Herald/Sept. 21, 1948

Pegler Says GURU Letters Place Roosevelt In Bad Light for Having Henry Wallace as Vice President
​Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald/Sept. 27, 1948

Pegler Endorses Governor Dewey’s Methods of Handling Domestic Communists, But Says It’s Very Old

Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald/Sept. 29, 1948

Pegler Calls Action of New York Officials in Union Strife Sign of European Political Subtlety

Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald/Sept. 30, 1948

Calls Wallace Campaign Very Frightening
Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald/October 1, 1948


Modern Empire Business

Tampa Tribune/February 2, 1949

More on the Fox Empire

Tampa Tribune/February 3, 1949

The Rise of Matty Fox

Tampa Tribune/February 4, 1949

Changes Within the Unions

Tampa Tribune/February 5, 1949

A Suggestion for Dewey

Tampa Tribune/February 21, 1949

The Right Not to Strike

Tampa Tribune/February 23, 1949

Worst Lynching Force

Tampa Tribune/February 24, 1949

Americans Ask for Fascism

Tampa Tribune/February 25, 1949

Calls Dewey a New Dealer

Tampa Tribune/February 26, 1949

Three New Deal Lawyers

Tampa Tribune/February 28, 1949

Says Pegler Violated Copyright

Newark Advocate/July 28, 1949


Truman an Old Hand at Insults

The Dothan Eagle/December 18, 1950

Wisdom of a Proposal

The Dothan Eagle/December 19, 1950

An Appreciation of Chandler

The Dothan Eagle/December 20, 1950

For Jim McGuinness' Back - A Knife

The Dothan Eagle/December 21, 1950


Nevada Labor Answers Peg

Wisconsin State Journal/June 19, 1951

Story of a Cup-Rattler

Wisconsin State Journal/June 20, 1951

Remembering Hearst

Monroe (LA) News Star/August 17, 1951


Sen. McCarran and Rep. Walter Punished For Putting American Interests First 

Lebanon (PA) Times/January 23, 1953


Journalism in Haiti
Rome News-Tribune/February 4, 1954

Rayburn Helped Sabotage Expose of Communists
Rome News-Tribune/February 12, 1954

The Details of Guilt Surround the Democrats
Rome News-Tribune/February 15, 1954

Earl Warren's Pension Should Be Investigated
Rome News-Tribune/February 16, 1954

Pre-Trial Examination is Form of "Smearing"

Rome News-Tribune/February 17, 1954

Adventures in Smoking in the Good Old Days
Rome News-Tribune/February 18, 1954

Present-Type Unionism Would Seem Doomed
Rome News-Tribune/March 1, 1954

Newspapers Are at Fault in Evaluating Warren
Rome News-Tribune/March 2, 1954

The Ethical Standards of McCarthy Opponents
Rome News-Tribune/March 3, 1954

Opening Move is Made in Smear-Pegler Movement
Rome News-Tribune/March 4, 1954

Stevens Will Learn the Army's a Mess
Rome News-Tribune/March 5, 1954

Which Captain Delano Was Hanged for Piracy?
Rome News-Tribune/April 9, 1954


Red College Alumnus, Elected Arkansas Governor, Called "Violent Radical"

Shreveport Times/January 4, 1955

Little Worry Over Leftwing Education of Arkansas Governor

Shreveport Times/January 5, 1955

$50,000 Arkansas Gift to Truman in '48

Shreveport Times/January 6, 1955

Back When a Noted Gambler

Led a Police Parade

Shreveport Times/January 8, 1955

Rep. Reece Ties Into New York Times

Shreveport Times/January 10, 1955

Pegler Tells of Those

Who Would Quarantine Pegler

Shreveport Times/January 12, 1955

McCarthyism Needed

Post-Standard (Syracuse)/November 15, 1955

There Was No Reason to Believe

Russia Would Give Up Anything

Lexington Herald-Leader/December 1, 1955