​“The Archive of American Journalism is performing an incredibly valuable service in making available to a wide audience the remarkable work of great journalists of the past. As one who has written widely on nineteenth and twentieth century journalists, I know firsthand how valuable and important—and frankly fascinating—was the work of these extraordinary writers. With these books a new generation will be able to rediscover them, as well.”

James McGrath Morris, author of Pulitzer: A Life in Politics, Print, and Power and Eye on the Struggle: Ethel Payne, The First Lady of the Black Press.

Nellie Bly


Reporting for the New York World


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Damon Runyon


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R e p o r t i n g :  
Immigrants / 1803 - 1931
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Reporting: Immigration includes 36 articles, reprinted complete and unedited, dating from 1802 through 1931, as well as a timeline of US immigration laws and history, a thorough bibliography of scholarly and popular books on the subject, and listings of online resources. 

Coming in November, 2020

R e p o r t i n g :  
Pandemic  1918 - 1920

ISBN: 978-0-9907137-6-0
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Dr. Royal Copeland Proclaims:

​"The most absurd and laughable measures have been resorted to in various communities, such as the closing of the schools and theaters and churches, such as limiting the number of persons going into stores at one time, such as the wearing of masks, such as, in one community, the placing of barrels of antiseptic in front of the apothecaries' shops where the citizen could renew the contents of his atomizer, such as strict quarantine, such as stoppage of the street cars, such as—oh, all sorts of things that have indicated to me simply that health officials have yielded to popular clamor, and, because the people said: 'For heaven's sake do! something!'  "

​Buffalo Morning Express

February 15, 1920


U.S. Health Service Issues Warning

Springville (NY) Journal/December 5, 1918​

When Our Boys Had Influenza

New York Tribune/December 15, 1918

Spanish Influenza More Deadly Than War

Buffalo Enquirer/December 16, 1918

What the Influenza Epidemic Cost the Insurance Companies

Brooklyn Daily Eagle/December 29, 1918

R e p o r t i n g : FASCISM

A new collection coming in early 2021

 H.L. Menckenin

 The Smart Set


Beware Simba!

Teddy Roosevelt on Safari

African Game Trails:
I. A Railroad Through the Pleistocene

Scribners/October, 1909

African Game Trails:
II. On an East African Ranch - 
Lion Hunting on the Kapiti Plains

Scribners/November, 1909

African Game Trails:
III. On Safari. Rhinos and Giraffes

​Scribners/December, 1909

The Bookshelf


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T h e  T u l s a  R i o t / 1 9 2 1

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Sight of U.S. Bombs Dropping on Germany is Reporter's Reward

Walter Cronkite

News-Herald (Franklin, PA)/February 27, 1943


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